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Chevrolet Aveo makes a bungee jump!

27th October 2011 Print

When Chevrolet decided to launch the all-new Aveo in the States, it seems they took the word ‘launch’ a little too seriously.
On the back of research that showed extreme sports to be highly popular within the car’s 18-30 target customer range, the company decided to make quite an impact by throwing a car from the top of a ten storey tower in Long Beach, California.

Well, we say impact. But just before it plummeted to the ground, the all-new Aveo dipped its nose in a paddling pool and bounced back up in an incredible display of non-contact automotive bungee-jumping.
The stunt was performed as part of Chevrolet’s ‘Let’s do this’ marketing campaign in the USA. Visitors to the website had to click on a virtual hand that, after 2.5 million clicks, pushed the hapless Aveo – named Sonic in the States – off the edge of a platform, seemingly into oblivion.
The Bungee Jump is the second extreme sport in which the Aveo has participated. Last month, the car was launched more quickly than any car in history – accelerating from 0-60mph in just 0.4 seconds as it was pushed out of an aeroplane, to perform its first freefall skydive.
Videos of both stunts can be seen at
Commenting on the activities, Chevrolet UK Managing Director, Mark Terry, said: “More and more young people are participating in extreme sports, and a car like the new Aveo is the perfect fit for their lifestyle as it’s bold, bright and daring. That said, despite the car’s five-star Euro NCAP rating, we wouldn’t recommend you try this at home, and any damage caused by bungee jumping your car or driving it out of an airborne plane certainly won’t be covered by warranty!”
The New Aveo arrives in UK showrooms at the end of 2011, priced from £9,995.