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Chevrolet brings customers in out of the cold

29th November 2011 Print

Chevrolet owners can ensure that they’re not left out in the cold this Christmas, with a low-price winter health check from franchised dealers.

Cold weather can take its toll on a car’s health, placing extra strain on the battery, engine and electrics but, with many travelling to spend the holidays with family and friends, no one wants to spend the festive season stranded by the side of the road.

Covering key safety items, including headlights, windscreen wipers and brakes, as well as the exhaust, mirrors, battery and the fan/alternator belt, the £35 inspection also includes checking and topping the oil, antifreeze and screenwash levels, too.

In addition to the oily bits, tyre condition and tread depth are checked and, because the inspections are carried out by qualified Chevrolet technicians at official service centres, owners can be told of any serious issues as they’re discovered and advised before repairs are carried out.

With experts predicting another harsh winter, Jennie Chinn, National Aftersales Manager, Chevrolet UK, believes that many motorists take a chance with their car’s health. “Don’t risk a breakdown in the middle of nowhere, or find that your car won’t start – our winter check ensures that your vehicle is in the best possible shape, no matter what the weather does.”

The fixed price winter health check is available now from all participating Chevrolet dealers across the UK, and owners can take advantage of this offer until December 31.

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