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LUXGEN5 Sedan: An all new executive sedan from the future

7th December 2011 Print

LUXGEN is the only car maker in Taiwan to have its own whole-car design and development centre. Having successfully launched itself as the pioneer for Smart Technology with the LUXGEN7 MPV and LUXGEN7 SUV, the car maker is now setting its sights on the battleground of the medium-large sedan market. The new design, targeted at the world market, will not only incorporate even more high-tech elements from the future but also deliver an even innovative style. The LUXGEN5 Sedan, equipped with the latest innovative hTC technology, can be considered a milestone in the history of international auto design. The styling and design of the next-generation sports sedan will embody everything that has been developed for future cars. A first look of LUXGEN5 Sedan will be available at the LUXGEN exhibit during the 2012 Taipei Auto Show.

The Three Design Aesthetics Elements of the LUXGEN 5 Sedan: Surfacing Performance, Re-curved Strokes and Intelligent Airfoil

Car styling is now more than just about aesthetically-pleasing curves. It is also important to create large interior spaces and visual continuity. The styling of the LUXGEN5 Sedan not only features decorative wings for the logo at the front that continue along the hood but also twelve "Re-curved Strokes" along the body of the car, giving it a dynamic visual effect. Even more importantly, the A and C pillars in the LUXGEN5 Sedan were moved as far forward and back as possible, respectively, to maximise the spacious interior and achieve optimal angles. This not only challenged the limits of engineering but also optimised the aerodynamics as well, giving the sedan a coupe-like silhouette. The result was a superb 0.28 drag-coefficient, while successfully capturing the essence of a 2-door coupe. The perfect 2:1 ratio between the side panels and windows exemplifies the pursuit of “Surfacing Performance" in the styling of the LUXGEN5 Sedan.

All-new Engines and Transmission for Dynamic and Green Performance

The LUXGEN5 Sedan is available with a 1.8L or 2.0L power package. To meet the performance and environmental requirements, more effective turbocharging technologies are used that the 2.0 turbocharged engine can surpass conventional 2.7L naturally-aspirated engines in performance. For a smoother driving experience, international auto tuners Delphi and AISIN from Japan were invited to tune the LUXGEN5 Sedan software. The optimised engine control and gear switching programme delivers the highest horsepower and torque output in the class, so owners of the LUXGEN5 can enjoy both lower fuel demands and greater power performance.

The all-new 2.0L VVT turbo engine in the LUXGEN5 Sedan has a peak output of 170hp/26.1kgm, coupled to an intelligent 6-speed automated transmission manufactured by Japan's top transmission maker, AISIN. The compact and lightweight transmission system takes 8.48 seconds only for accelerating from 0 to 100km/h, with a top speed of 210km/h. The 6-speed transmission also comes with Slip Control, minimizing wear and tear on the transmission and reducing fuel consumption.

The new 1.8L VVT turbo engine is matched to an intelligent 5-speed automated transmission, with an output of 150hp/23.5kgm. A sophisticated hydraulic control system improves fuel consumption and power, while the advanced steel low-noise gearing improves transmission durability and minimizes noise. To reduce the mechanical friction and improve the durability of the 1.8L and 2.0L VVT turbo engines even further, LUXGEN introduced Wide Peening & Cleaning (WPC) surface treatment technology currently used on JGTC, Moto GP, WRC and NASCAR racing engines. This special metal surface treatment boosts the wear resistance and durability of the metal components by improving lubricant adhesion.

LUXGEN5 Sedan + Android = LUXGEN THINK+ Touch

LUXGEN partnered with the world's largest smartphone maker hTC to develop the unique THINK+ system. The system provided consumers with a new level of convenience in onboard computers. With the imminent launch of the new LUXGEN5 Sedan, the unique THINK+ system will now undergo a major revolution as well. LUXGEN will become the first car maker to adopt the Android system for the onboard platform. When an hTC mobile phone is connected to the THINK+ Touch system, all of the mobile phone calls will then be controlled directly through the 9" smart touch screen on the central console. In other words, the user can access Facebook, send and receive e-mails or look up local sights through the touch screen. There is simply no end to the possibilities of the onboard multimedia system, thanks to the unique hTC mode, which will meet the demand for fast information access from the new generation of users.

The LUXGEN THINK+ Touch system's five key functions include Multimedia, Phone, Safety, Information and hTC mode. Apart from using the touch screen itself, shortcut buttons are provided below the screen for convenience. The most innovative feature is to access the NAVI GPS navigation function using the hTC mode. The user can therefore check the map and set routes in the car or on the road. The hands-free Bluetooth system means users can also make calls using the car's convenient hands-free interface.

Intelligent Aerospace Cockpit with High-tech LCD/LED Dashboard and Jet Fighter HUD

The interior design of the LUXGEN5 Sedan is consistent with the dynamic style. The wrap-around surrounding creates the impression of a yacht cockpit. The dual-circle connects the front and rear cabins, for a distinctive interior look. When the driver enters the cabin, they will immediately be drawn to the 9" smart touch screen unique in its class, establishing a connection with the brand image of intelligent technology. The floating central console design reinforces the high-tech feel.

The dashboard of the LUXGEN5 Sedan also features a futuristic LED layout. Engine temperature, oil level and RPM are displayed at the top and bottom to give an impression of depth. The main display, however, uses an LCD screen to show the speed, distance and trip computer information, making it easier for the driver to read. To enable the driver to focus on the road and avoid information overload, suchsecondary information as ABS and airbag alerts are integrated into the area between the dashboard and the windscreen.

LUXGEN5 Sedan is the only car in its class to come with a jet fighter-style HUD display. This high-tech feature was the result of 2.5 years of joint development between LUXGEN and top international firm Continental. When the engine is started, the HUD rises up from the dashboard, giving the driver the visual illusion of being seated in a fighter cockpit. Multiple layers of optical coating prevent reflections from external light sources and are UV-resistant as well.

LUXGEN5 Sedan, the First Locally Produced Car Featuring Intelligent EPB Braking

LUXGEN partnered with world-leading Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) maker KUSTER to become the first locally produced vehicle to use the same system as the Mercedes-Benz and BMW flagship sedans. The EPD system used in the LUXGEN5 Sedan is more than just safer than conventional parking brakes; if the driver forgets to engage the parking brake before switching off the ignition, EPB will automatically engage the parking brake. If children accidentally tamper with the EPB switch, it will by default remain locked. There is also a slope start assist function that automatically disengages the parking brake when the driver steps on the accelerator, preventing the car from rolling back and improving safety.

The braking system on the LUXGEN5 Sedan not only provides outstanding braking performance but also plays an important role in the stability control system. All models use 276mm ventilated front discs and 260mm solid rear discs. Even if the driver is braking heavily or pumping the brakes, the design of the ventilated front discs ensures stable braking performance and reduces the chance of braking failure due to overheated braking discs.

LUXGEN5 Sedan Features LUXGEN's Advanced Technology

The LUXGEN5 Sedan comes equipped with LUXGEN's advanced technology, including the Active Eagle View+ 360 surround imaging system, the Night Vision+ night driving image enhancing system, the LDWS+ lane departure warning system and the Side View+ blind spot monitoring system. The Active Eagle View+ 360 surround imaging system has proven to be the most popular item with consumers, as it greatly improves blind spot viewing. A new auto-detection function automatically switches displays based on how the driver manoeuvres while parking to enhance convenience. The Side View+ blind monitor system has also been upgraded with all new camera modules to improve video quality during low-light conditions, so objects on screen can be identified easily.

The Night Vision+ night driving image enhancing system has a very broad range that allows it to show all objects up to 100 metres away within a 40-metre width. The high-sensitivity CCD can effectively display objects even under just 0.1 Lux of brightness, greatly enhancing driving safety on mountain roads or streets with no street lights. To prevent sudden lane changes due to driver inattention, the LDWS+ lane deviation warning system is automatically activated at speeds of over 60km/h. A suitable warning is generated whenever the car begins to move out of its lane, so the driver can correct the problem right away and avoid accidents.

Rear Cabin Rivals Large Sedans in Space, with Convenient Storage and Space Allocation

To provide consumers with cabin space rivaling that of large sedans, the wheel base has been extended to 2,720mm, as much as the car length limits permit. The cabin has also been equipped with 12 storage spaces and 8 cup holders as well. The central arm rest features temperature controlled cup holders and the drink cooler/heater beverage storage compartment from LUXGEN7 CEO, so everyone aboard can enjoy a cold or hot drink at any time. The interior space is designed with 6/4 split seats. The back seats can be folded in three different modes to improve cargo flexibility. For improved comfort during long trips, the LUXGEN5 Sedan is equipped with bucket seats. The cushions on the front seats are angled forward and up to improve thigh support. Side support has also been reinforced to emphasise the sports sedan atmosphere. LUXGEN's signature wraparound headrests have also been retained, for improved driving comfort. The back of the seats have been extended to reduce fatigue for taller drivers and passengers during long drives.

LUXGEN5 Sedan's Europeanised Chassis Targets Safety and Comfort

The LUXGEN5 Sedan has been designed for global markets since its inception. The chassis was therefore designed with the support of US engineering analysts Altair, with adjustments made to shock absorption, valve parameters, spring coefficients and rubber components. The suspension was then tested by UK safety testing organisation Mira to meet the chassis configuration requirements of local and overseas customers. The LUXGEN5 Sedan has not only been tested in European and local testing tracks but also in simulators and on actual mountain roads. Cold-weather and "Three High" testing (High Temperature, High Dust, High Altitude)” at locations including Hehe and Turpan in China were also carried out to refine the comfort of the LUXGEN5 Sedan chassis under different road, weather and environmental conditions. The LUXGEN5 Sedan is therefore able to meet the seemingly contradictory demands of "Safety control" and "Comfortable riding."

LUXGEN5 Sedan Offers the Best Crash Protection and Pedestrian Safety

To provide the best crash protection, the body structure and passive and active equipment of the LUXGEN5 Sedan were built to extremely strict standards. In terms of the active safety equipment, the LUXGEN5 Sedan comes with ABS anti-lock brakes, EBD electronic brake-force distribution, a BAS brake assist system, an ESC electronic stability control system and a TCS traction control system to support the driver in dangerous situations. The car structure is built from high-strength steel, as well as advanced passive safety equipment integrated by Germany's Continental. Real-world crash tests were carried out, while active safety equipment integrated by US-based Delphi were also installed. Constant testing and adjustment means the LUXGEN5 Sedan now delivers world-class passive and active safety performance.

As the low profile of sedans means that side-on impacts are often transmitted into the cabin, affecting passenger safety directly, the LUXGEN5 Sedan's main beam, A pillar, B pillar and underside are built from high strength steel plates. Triangular steel reinforcements were also added under the B pillars and energy-absorbing foam inserted into the door panels. In a crash, these measures will direct the energy of the impact away from the passengers. To improve cabin safety even further, three anti-impact steel beams were added to the insides of the front doors. The lower beam uses 1060 MPa high-strength steel and is placed at calf height to better protect the legs of the driver and front passenger.

Particular attention was paid to pedestrian safety for the LUXGEN5 Sedan, with the assistance of the Idiada laboratory in Spain. Apart from providing 75 ~ 85mm of crumple space between the main body and the hood, the front bumper was also designed to prevent it catching pedestrians' legs. After 800 simulations and 34 real-world tests, the maximum score for pedestrian leg protection was achieved. The extensive testing and calibration enabled the LUXGEN5 Sedan to meet to the 2nd stage pedestrian safety requirements that Europe will introduce in early 2013.

Professional Quality Control and Product Differentiation for Multiple Customer Demands

The quality of the LUXGEN5 Sedan is the top priority. LUXGEN introduced the Quality Information Platform in 2010 to establish a strict and professional testing process which includes Perceived Quality (PQ), Design Review (DR), and Digital Joint Check. Product quality and durability are also continuously tested and validated against the specifications and standards used by world-class auto makers.

LUXGEN has made a name for itself in the market and won the support of consumers just three years after its establishments through "differentiation" in its brand, product, sales and service. Consumer support is what drives LUXGEN in pursuit of excellence continually. The LUXGEN family of vehicles, featuring intelligent technology, has also provided owners with a different driving experience. The preview of the LUXGEN5 Sedan heralds the entry of LUXGEN into the executive sedan market. In the future LUXGEN will continue to develop all-new products in other classes in order to meet consumer demand for a full range of automotives equipped with intelligent technology.

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