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Need an HPI check asap? It’s in the palm of your hand

9th January 2012 Print

Used car buyers keen to protect themselves from buying a written off, stolen, clocked or financed vehicle are eagerly reaping the benefits of the mobile enabled HPI Check. Available on iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphones, the UK’s leading vehicle provenance provider is helping customers protect themselves from fraudsters no matter what time of the day or where they may be.    Indeed, over 80% more HPI Checks were  conducted by either iPhone or iPad devices during the second half of 2011.
Confirming the growing importance of new media tablets, HPI reported a staggering 172% increase in the number of visits to by car buyers on iPads in December, compared to the previous six months. There was a 39% increase in the number of visits conducted using iPhones over the same period.  This demonstrates the power of new media in supporting the car buying process; consumers, who are often emotionally driven by a purchase decision, can use technology to fully check the history of the vehicle to make a rational assessment, inputting its Vehicle Registration Number (VRM) and 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) whilst actually walking around the vehicle and looking under its bonnet.
“Our figures show that more and more consumers are turning to Smartphones and other mobile devices, such as iPads and iPhones when it comes to shopping for cars,” says Kristian Welch, Consumer Services Director for HPI. “We recognised the importance of this new technology some time ago and adapted our online HPI Check to be fully functional as a mobile enabled browser early in 2011, but even we are surprised by the surge in iPad activity during the lead up to Christmas.  
“The mobile enabled HPI Check offers the ultimate in convenience for buyers, mirroring the same great service as our web based solution, but from the palm of their hand.     Buyers can check a single vehicle’s history or chose our Multicheck offering if they are struggling to narrow down their choices. It’s never been easier to check the history of a vehicle whilst enjoy the financial guarantee that only HPI offers, giving buyers the confidence they are getting their dream car and not a nightmare on wheels.”
With more vehicle information than any other used car data provider, HPI confirms the vehicle description, whether it is currently recorded as stolen, been written-off by an insurance company, is subject to outstanding finance or has had a plate change.  In addition, a mileage check comes as standard, offering added peace of mind to used car buyers that a car has not been clocked.  HPI’s National Mileage Register (NMR) holds over 130 million mileage readings.   What’s more, the HPI Checkcomes with a £30,000 guarantee*(3)  in the event of the car not being everything it seems – including a clone.
Fundamentally, as the UK’s number one vehicle history check organisation, HPI backs it offering with a dedicated UK call centre to give customers extra support throughout the buying process – a service HPI recognises car buyers truly value.  Its team of fully trained and experienced call centre staff provide a level of expertise that HPI believes no other provider can match.
Kristian Welch concludes, “We look to help used car buyers manage the risk when considering a purchase, ultimately with the aim of ensuring stress free, happy driving when they’ve parted with their money and own their new vehicle.  By making the HPI Check and all our buying advice services available across the most popular mobile operating systems, we can ensure our customers gain instant access to the most accurate vehicle information wherever they go.”
Car buyers simply need to visit on their ‘phone or tablet browser to access the service.  For the ultimate in ease, HPI recommends adding the HPI Check to the Home Screen for no nonsense future visits.

(1) All prices include VAT and are correct as of 4th January 2011
(2) Mileage Data is not covered by The HPI Guarantee
*(3) The HPI Guarantee is subject to terms and conditions

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