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Motorists need to fully comprehend car cover levels

24th January 2012 Print

British motorists need to be aware of exactly what their "fully comprehensive" car insurance policy covers them for, and shop around for the best value deal to suit their needs, says MoneySupermarket.

The comparison site analysed a sample of comprehensive car insurance policies and found cover levels can vary significantly. It found that the more expensive policies do not always provide the most comprehensive offering. For example, some policies may not include cover for medical treatment, emergency accommodation, or car replacement. Other exclusions can be added to the cover at a cost. For example, the majority of policies exclude legal cover but it can be added for around £25-£30.

Pete Harrison, car insurance expert at MoneySupermarket, said: "As our research shows, exclusions and caveats can be commonplace in fully comprehensive car insurance policies, and it is vital motorists scour the small print with a fine tooth-comb, to ensure their policy has the level of cover they need to avoid getting caught out.

"For those drivers looking to take out a new car insurance policy and seeking peace of mind, checking the small print is essential to ensure they opt for a policy that ticks all the necessary boxes. It is essential to consider the extra costs involved too, as you may end up paying more for additions such as legal cover, meaning that while a policy may seem like the cheapest option at a glance, once you have bolted on any cover additions, it may end up being more expensive than alternatives."