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Get cash upfront with Santander's Upfront Interest Savings Bond

24th January 2012 Print

Savers keen to give their cashflow a boost in 2012, should take advantage of the latest issue of Santander's revolutionary fixed rate savings bond - the only bond that pays three years interest upfront. Ideal for those savers seeking an immediate return whilst ensuring their capital remains intact, the Upfront Interest Savings Bond pays £1,000 upfront interest for every £12,000 saved, rewarding savers with their interest immediately and giving them access to cash when they need it most.

Matt Hall, Head of Savings at Santander: "Our revolutionary Upfront Interest Bond has proved popular with customers keen to have more control over their finances as it enables them to take advantage of the upfront interest - whether they wish to spend or save it. We urge those customers who are seeking a savings product in 2012 that rewards them immediately to take up the Upfront Interest Bond by 20 February 2012."  

The Upfront Interest Bond is the latest in a series of great initiatives designed to reward customer loyalty, including the 123 Cashback Credit Card and the £300 cash back incentive to people who switch their current account to Santander.

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