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Mobile marketing set to explode in 2012

25th January 2012 Print

It is a running joke amongst online marketers that every year for the past 3 years has been the ‘year of the mobile’. Whilst a case can be made for each of these years it is in 2012 that we will truly see mobile marketing explode. The ability for marketers to target consumers on a device that is always on, and so always connected is priceless. The geo-location services packaged with smart phones ensure that advertising is highly targeted and as effective as possible. 2012 will be the year when those who aren’t using mobile marketing will be left behind.

According to research on mobile marketing undertaken by Google in 2011, 79% of smart phone owners used their mobiles to compare prices, and find out more details about the products they planned to buy. Many of these also use their phones whilst in the shop itself, whilst others use them to find out information about the retailer and their contact details. This highlights the unique way in which consumers use their phones for purchases, clearly it is not simply used as a mini-PC.

In 2012 advertisers will also be able to take advantage of the technological advances in mobile phones from the past year. Mobile application development has increased, allowing brands to create engaging content for users to enjoy and share with their friends. Technological advances have also made it easier for marketers to connect with customers on mobiles, with innovations such as HTML 5 smoothing the process. Online retailers are also making their sites more accessible to mobile users by creating specialised mobile sites, and apps that can be used to make purchases and increase customer loyalty.

When thinking about mobile you cannot ignore tablets. They made a huge impact in 2011, with more and more quality models appearing on the market every month. Google saw a 440% increase in traffic from tablets in November 2011 when compared to December 2010, and on average customers will spend more on a tablet than they will on a PC or laptop. Tablets are often used in addition to a phone, TV or laptop, which needs to be taken into account when planning campaigns. Multiple devices presents a challenge when trying to measure the impact of campaigns but also opens a whole new channel for marketers.

When you look at the statistics of the potential of mobile marketing sector the fact is clear that it is an opportunity that cannot be missed. 75% of the 6.8 billion people on earth own a mobile phone, and in the USA, 91% say that they keep their phone with them at all times. Coupons are particularly effective on mobile phones as consumers can access them at any time and redeem the voucher at a nearby business without having to print anything off.

2012 is the year when all businesses should have a mobile marketing presence. With a little creativity and imagination it could soon become your most effective marketing channel, helping to bring in new business and engage with existing customers.