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Meet Evi - The mobile app which takes the searching out of search

26th January 2012 Print

This month sees the launch of Evi, a revolutionary new artificial intelligence here to help with all of your everyday information needs. Evi, created by Cambridge based developers True Knowledge, is a free mobile app for Android and is £0.69 on the iphone, which uses cutting edge semantic search technology to bring essential information directly to a user's phone without the need to search the web or navigate websites.

Evi differs from standard search engines in that she does not simply trawl the internet to find websites which match the given phrase. She is able to not only understand natural language, allowing users to speak or type a question as if they were speaking to another person, but she is also able to understand the desire behind the question and present the essential information.

For example, if you were to ask a search engine "where can I get a coffee around here?" then you would be presented with a list of websites whose content contains the words included in that question, but with no actual intelligence, resulting in links to blog articles, discussions about coffee growing and Wikipedia articles. Ask the same question of Evi and she will present a list of coffee shops nearby, their distance from your location as well as maps. Evi knows what you want and is able to give you the exact information you need.

Evi is able to answer a vast array of questions using her own growing database of nearly a billion facts but also knows when she needs to use external sources for information. She can intelligently interact with services such as, Amazon, top-table, Yelp and more to give you all the information you need from within one single app.

Evi is freely available on both Android and iPhone.

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