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Homeowners worried about damage by adverse weather conditions

1st February 2012 Print

As Siberian winds and snow hit the UK, one in four (25 per cent) British people admit to being worried about damage being caused to their home by adverse weather conditions, according to research by Santander Insurance.

With the big freeze predicted for the next few weeks, many parts of the UK will be experiencing bitterly cold weather and sub-zero temperatures. As a result, almost two in five people (37 per cent) say they are worried about being able to pay lighting and heating bills this winter.

Santander's research also found that a fifth of people are afraid of injuring themselves in an accident or a driving accident (both 22 per cent). A further 15 per cent worry more about their children coming home in the evenings. In total, three quarters of adults (76 per cent) worry more about home and personal security issues in the winter months.

Regional variations

Scots fear driving accidents (27 per cent), being able to pay lighting and heating bills (43 per cent) and damage to their property caused by the weather (36 per cent) more than people in any other region. A third of people (32 per cent) living in the North also worry about weather damage whilst Londoners worry about it the least (13 per cent).

Steve Burton, Head of Marketing at Santander, commented: "In winter many people have more concerns and fears due to darker nights and the effects of harsher weather conditions. People are concerned about a wide variety of risks from the effects of adverse weather or their ability to pay the bills during the winter, but in some instances there are steps that can be taken to reduce the level of risk. 

"We would urge people to ensure their homes and cars are adequately protected by security measures and also by comprehensive insurance cover, so that at least they have some peace of mind that they are financially protected should something bad happen to them."

Santander Insurance storm, snow and flood advice:

Keep all insurance and important documents in a water tight container

Keep a photographic record of all valuables as evidence for insurance claims

Make sure you have a copy of your insurance hotline telephone number in the event of an emergency

Keep a torch in an easy accessible place should your power be cut

Make sure you know where and how to turn off your water and electricity supply in the case of an emergency

Have your essential phone numbers listed separately to your mobile phone should you not be able to access it

Inform immediate friends and family that you are safe but may need assistance in the coming days

Santander's dedicated claims helpline is 0845 602 6040 Peace of mind - and save 20%

Santander's ‘Peace of Mind Plus' home insurance policy currently has a 20 per cent premium discount for existing Santander customers, and offers a range of detailed and comprehensive features:

The reassurance of unlimited sum insured cover

The option of additional cover for personal possessions when you are away from home

Cover against theft of money and credit cards, including fraudulent use of cards.

Individual limits apply to certain areas of cover.  For further information, visit