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Home working with productivity in mind

10th February 2012 Print

Working from home is the Holy Grail for some, and nowadays business broadband and other technology solutions make it both viable and cost effective.  The freedom of working from home is immensely attractive with no commute, the option of taking the children to school and working in an environment that is relaxed and comfortable. However, for some people, the lack of structure and the distractions of household chores, or just the presence of a comfy sofa can prove too much, which means that productivity goes out of the window.  There are ways of making sure that this does not happen and one of the best ways is to have the right setup.

Try to place your office in a room that is light and airy and away from the busy areas of your house.  Having your office in a relaxed area will reduce distractions and make your work as enjoyable as possible. If you spend all your time in a dark cupboard you are likely to get bored more quickly and resent being stuck inside, making you want to get up and walk around.  Keeping distractions to a minimum will improve your concentration and work rate, ensuring that you give your full attention to the task at hand.

The technology available today is one of the factors that have made working from home a more common occurrence.

Before you try to do any work, make sure that you have everything you need set up and functioning correctly.  Broadband is essential nowadays, and companies like TalkTalk Business can give you fantastic deals for your business. Using video meeting software and the internet means that you can attend meetings without even changing out of your pyjamas, but there is nothing worth than constant interruptions if your internet service is not working properly. You should also think about setting up business telephone systems to make sure that you never miss that key phone call.

An important part of working from home is keeping organized and structuring your time. Keeping your office area clean and tidy will help you to feel professional, less stressed and productive.  Try to keep family members away when you are working to keep distractions to a minimum. It may also be tempting to keep on going long into the night to do that final piece of work, but this can be a bad habit to get into. Try to clock in and out and keep to more regular working hours to stop yourself from doing too much. The advantage of working from home is that you can fit your work patterns to your moods and the times that you work best.

Working from home should be a liberating experience, reducing the stress that comes with the daily grind and increasing productivity, but you do not have to be too strict on yourself.  Getting out of the house for lunch with a friend or some work in a coffee shop will stop you from feeling isolated and allow you to make the most of the freedom that comes with working in your home.