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Keep teeth sparkling no matter how muddy you get this festival season

20th February 2012 Print
hyG toothbrush

The hyG toothbrush with ionic action is the revolutionary dental aid, which removes harmful plaque ordinary toothbrushes leave behind.

The hyG toothbrush works by producing a negative charge through its bristles.  Human teeth are negatively charged and plaque carries a positive charge.  When the hyG comes into contact with the teeth, they become positively charged and repel the plaque, which is attracted to the bristles!

All you need to do is wet your thumb and make sure it is in contact with the metal plate on the toothbrush’s handle, which creates the necessary electronic charge through the lithium power source in the handle!  And no replacement batteries are required, it simply works every time!

This product has been shown to be up to 48% more effective at removing plaque than normal brushing alone.

The hyG toothbrush costs £10.25 and is available from John Bell and Croyden, independent health food shops, independent pharmacies and dentists.  It is also available online from,  and

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hyG toothbrush