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A Fitting Gift - Put the joy back into shopping

23rd February 2012 Print
A Fitting Gift

In 2009 over £1.3 billion worth of goods bought online in the UK were returned, with clothing accounting for 34% of that. is a new online service designed to combat this issue.

It's a problem every woman is familiar with: you're a size 14 from Firetrap but when you order the same size from Marks & Spencers, it's huge! All this stress takes the relaxation out of retail therapy and sends you running to the trusty skirt you bought six years ago. It doesn't make you feel special, but at least it fits!

A Fitting Gift's website is easy to use and created to make the anxiety of buying new clothes a thing of the past.

Whether it's lingerie, dresses, jackets, trousers or even the dreaded swimming costume you're looking for, we know what size you are.

All you have to do is enter your hip, waist and chest measurements on our homepage and we will tell you what size you are in a huge range of different shops - from Dorothy Perkins to Fullcircle.  Not only that but we will show you the garments online, we currently display 21,500 items, then direct you straight to the retailer's website so that you can shop securely. Easy as that. No more returns.

We also offer a gift-list service so that other people buying for you can also select the right clothes to fit you. That makes their job easier and saves you the embarrassment of people thinking you are a bigger or smaller size than you actually are. We've all experienced that sinking feeling of trying on a well-intended gift that won't button over your bust or hangs loosely from your hips.

Founder of a Fitting Gift, Heather Penn, said: "I know it's such a hassle for modern women with busy lives to be ordering clothes and then having to send them back because they never fit, let alone how it can bruise the ego. And I thought this would be a wonderful way to solve the problem."

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A Fitting Gift