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Rev up your passion for motors in spring

29th February 2012 Print

Aston Martin hire delivers a scintillating performance experience for motorists with the Aston Martin V8 Roadster for the start of a blossoming spring season where British prestige motoring takes centre stage.

Spring is always a season where fun accelerates into the premier lane because it brings out the best in prestige motoring. Famed British marque Aston Martin are continuing their dominance of performance cars with the Aston Martin V8 Roadster, a car which inspires confidence and innovation in the most seasoned performance car drivers. Indulge in the automotive euphoria that the Aston Martin creates with super car hire.

The performance fabric of the V8 Roadster signals new standards for spring performance car driving. With a top speed of 180 mph and a 0-60 mph acceleration time in only 4.9 seconds, the performance credentials of the Aston Martin are undeniable. Supported by the rock solid Sportshift transmission system, the 6-speed manual transmission of the V8 Roadster unlocks a new way of being a thoroughbred driver. Motorists have the chance to be motoring showjumpers in spring with the performance abilities of V8 Roadster at their disposal. The final touch that filters the unbridled performance of this Aston Martin prestige car is the anti-locking braking system that keeps all features in place.

The return of the body of the car is one of the biggest trends in performance cars at the moment. Supercar motorists are looking for body styles which inspire them to be better drivers and to enjoy the art of driving. The V8 Roadster has a convertible body style, ideal for spring daytime journeys into town or weekend car drives. Aston Martin hire will uncover a convertible V8 Roadster that has 2 front seats and no rear seats in the back. This makes it feel intimate, exclusive and warm for people who like to feel independent when they get behind the wheel.

The season of spring also means that colour reigns supreme for supesr car fans. Aston Martin is a heritage brand that manufactured the cars immortalised in the James Bond film series. These Bond cars emphasised the importance of colour shade and tone when it came to cars. Aston Martin car hire gives motorists the chance to lay their eyes on the shining Quantum Silver exterior of the V8 Roadster. The beauty of this silver exterior is contrasted with the haunting black interior, which is upholstered in leather. This juxtaposition creates a crisp palette that motorists will enjoy during car hire trips when spring starts.

The fresh blooms of the upcoming spring weeks signal the beginning of the Aston Martin season. The V8 Roadster’s intriguing performance and visual qualities are just two facets of what motorists will have at their fingertips in spring.

Look forward to brighter days with a new Aston Martin car hire. And also other stylish Super Car Hire in UK.

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