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Hit the road with motorcycle touring insurance from True Traveller

5th March 2012 Print

Now Spring is in the air and the nights are starting to pull out, thoughts now start to turn to holidays and what better than to jump on the bike and hit the open road, but the drawback has always been insurance. For some reason insurance companies don’t seem to like bikers and getting motorbike touring insurance has always been pretty difficult. True it’s easy enough to cover the bike, but what about the rider? After all if you come off on mountain top road, or even further afield in the Gobi Desert or beyond, you want to know that you’ll be look after and even brought back home for medical care should the need arise.

Well, the wait is over, adventure Travel Company, True Traveller, now offers travel insurance for motor cycle touring with no restriction on the size of the bike and cover is world-wide. Most standard policies only cover mopeds or motorbikes up to 125cc, which is fine for renting a moped on a Greek Island, but rules out anybody renting or taking a BMW R 1200 GS Adventure or similar touring through India or Uzbekistan, or even a 250cc Yamaha through Europe.

True Traveller Insurance covers medical bills up to £5m, whether on the bike or not, cancellation and all the normal travel insurance benefits that are normally not offered to bike riders.

The only conditions governing the policy insist that riders must wear a crash helmet, have a valid full motorcycle licence and the motorcycle itself must be insured, but providing these conditions are fulfilled riders get medical cover including emergency repatriation.

Typical price for 17 days’ cover worldwide excluding the USA and Canada is just £64.20.

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