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Bennetts launches bike status check

21st January 2014 Print

Bennetts, UK bike insurance specialist, has launched the Bike Status Check, a vehicle history check specifically for motorcycles, starting at just £2.99. Powered by vehicle information experts HPI, the Bike Status Check offers used bike buyers three levels of protection. With 1 in 3 vehicles checked having a hidden history, bike buyers need to avoid the risk of buying a motorcycle with something to hide.
“Buying a used bike comes with a number of risks and too many consumers are prepared to part with their cash without conducting the right safeguards,” explains Hannah Squirrell, Associate Director of Bennetts. “The more you know about a bike, the less risk there is. It’s impossible to understand a bike’s history just by looking at it, but buyers could be throwing their money away on a vehicle that’s been stolen, on outstanding finance or even unfit to be on the road.”
Is it on finance?
1 in 4 vehicles checked are still on outstanding finance. Anyone buying a bike like this could lose the vehicle and the money they pay for it, when it is returned to the finance company. Use the Bike Status Check to ensure your dream bike isn’t on finance.
Is it currently recorded as stolen?
You can’t spot a stolen bike, just by looking at it, but HPI identifies nearly 30 stolen vehicles every day. Stolen bikes are sold on to unsuspecting buyers, who will lose the bike and their cash, if the police return it to the real owner. The Bike Status Check confirms whether a bike is currently recorded as stolen.
Is it a write-off?
4 out of every 100 motorcycles have been written off by an insurer at some stage. Sometimes they are legitimately repaired, but all too often they are sold on, even though they are unfit to be on the road. The Bike Status Check protects buyers from spending their money on a bike that could be unsafe.
Is it legitimate?
The Bike Status Check confirms whether a bike is on the HPI security watch register. Don’t take the risk of losing your cash on a bike that’s being sold illegally, such as hire vehicles or forecourt demonstrators.
Hannah Squirrell concludes, “We always advise consumers to conduct a bike history check before parting with their cash. The launch of our Bike Status Check means the biking community have a vehicle check from HPI, a brand they already trust. This launch is part of our commitment to providing bikers with the services they need to protect themselves from motorcycle crime and enjoy their biking lifestyle. Now they can shop for that dream bike with added peace of mind and the seal of approval from the Bennetts’ Bike Status Check.”
The Bike Status Check offers three different levels service to suit the needs and budget of bike owners. The Silver Bike Status Check offers the history essentials plus vehicle details, whilst the Gold Bike Status Check offers both of those, plus ownership details. The top level of service, Platinum Bike Status Check includes the history check, as well as finance details. It also comes with a £10,000 guarantee, protecting used bike buyers against loss, as a result of inaccurate or incomplete information supplied by the Platinum Bike Status Check.