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Two thirds of Brits have suffered a fashion-related injury

6th March 2012 Print

When it comes to style, the saying “no pain, no gain” is most definitely true, with new research by Personal Injury law specialist First4lawyers, revealing that two thirds (66%) of Brits have suffered from a fashion-related injury.

Overall, the most common cause of fashion-related injury is the humble zip, with 37 per cent of Brits having painfully nipped their skin in one. Next up are heavy bags, with 24 per cent of people admitting they’d suffered from a bad back as a result of carrying one around.

Other top causes were allergic reactions to fabrics, with 17 per cent of Brits having developed a rash after wearing one that didn’t agree with them, tripping up over untied shoe laces (16%) and slipping over due to too long dresses and hemlines (15%).

The actual acts of dressing and undressing are also a common cause of injury, with 14% of people having either pulled a muscle or hurt themselves whilst doing so!

Other fashion related injuries sustained by Brits include: 
Sprained ankles from falling over in high heels (13%) 
Getting fibres/fluff from a garment in eyes (8%) 
Damaged ears from catching earrings (7%) 
Feeling faint or fainting due to wearing too tight garments (4%)

A First4lawyers spokesperson said: “This research has revealed that while fashion can be fabulous, it can also be pretty dangerous too!

“Many of the fashion-related injuries people sustain can be avoided, so we’d urge people to take care when it comes to their style. Be careful when zipping up trousers and dresses, only carry what you actually need in your bag, don’t wear clothes that are too long or heels that are too high and always make sure your shoe laces are done up.

“It seems Brits could also limit injuries by ensuring clothes fit properly, avoiding large earrings likely to catch on things and taking more care when dressing and undressing. Unfortunately, allergic reactions aren’t something you can always avoid, but if you do come out in a rash after wearing a certain garment, don’t wear it again and avoid other items made from the same fabrics.”

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