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Buying the right workwear for your business

16th February 2017 Print

Making the best choice of workwear can be challenging, but it is far from impossible. A few quite simple tips can go a long way towards helping make sure you get the best, most appropriate clothing for your employees.

Don't Rush

Your workwear will play several important roles in your business and, hopefully, will serve you for a good long time. This is why it is so important to get your decision right. This, in turn, means that it is rarely a good idea to rush your decision. Take the time to weigh up all the important factors properly and reach a decision you are reasonably certain about.

Be Practical

One of your first considerations should always be the functionality of the clothes for your specific workplace. Often, this means little more than making sure you don't get so caught up in smaller details that you forget the basics – things like what kind of work your employees are doing, whether there is any protection they need or could benefit from, and what kind of temperatures they will be dealing with.

Emphasise Quality

Your business' workwear should last your employees for a good long time, even if it is having to withstand quite rigorous use in your workplace. Compromising on quality is often a false economy when it comes to company clothing, especially when it comes to protective wear like gloves, overalls and safety boots. Choose workwear with quality you feel confident in and, if price is a big factor, aim for the best quality-value ratio rather than the outright cheapest option.

Talk to Your Employees

Your employees will actually be wearing the clothing, and they understand the impact that clothing has on each job within your business in a direct and on-the-ground way. Their opinions should really matter when it comes to making choices in workwear, and could even make the difference between a choice that will be perfect and one you will regret later. Talk to them and discuss their needs, wants, and requirements in their new uniforms.

Make it Part of Your Brand

Workwear is a part of your company's identity. Choose embroidered workwear that can be clearly and properly branded, and ideally comes in a choice of colours so that you can choose one of your brand colours and make for an easily-identifiable uniform. This will help to advertise your business, create a sense of community and commonality among your employees, and ensure they are instantly recognisable as a part of your business.

Buy in Bulk

Workwear is something you will likely be buying in a reasonable quantity initially. Like a lot of things, it is generally true to say that the more you buy at once the cheaper each item will be. Stock up on extras of each size so you have them in stock for new employees and for replacing any items that become damaged. This will not only potentially give you a cheaper unit price initially, but will save you placing a series of one-off orders as and when new uniforms are needed, which would likely work out much more expensive.