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3 important questions to ask yourselves before starting a fashion enterprise

13th June 2021 Print

The rise of fast fashion has been seen by many start-ups as an easy way to break into a vastly profitable industry. 

With an estimated net worth of $26 billion, the ever-popular world of fashion is taking off like never before thanks to the internet, where new trends seem to emerge every hour on the hour, and fashionistas have to work hard to keep up with the changes. 

But with profitability comes saturation, and in no other industry is this quite so true as in fashion, where survival is a cutthroat business of its own and many brands don’t make it far to begin with. 

To avoid falling at the first hurdle, these are three questions you should ask yourselves before attempting to start a fashion business. 

1. What’s your niche? 

Large companies may kickstart their enterprises with a ‘catch-all’ philosophy – in other words, anything you need, you can find from them. 

But if you’re new to the business or have an existing area of expertise, you may want to narrow down your niche, at least to begin with.  For instance, if you have experience in making skirts, start there – don’t feel the need to make trousers, shoes and handbags too. 

Snag Tights is a great example of this – initially the brand produced a range of inclusively-sized tights designed for all heights, shapes and sizes. It is only since they have grown in popularity that they have branched out into other articles of clothing. 

2. What does your business stand for? 

Carving your mark as a small business is exceptionally difficult, and more so if your customers can’t tell what your mission is. 

Advertise your aims and let everyone know what makes you different. Is your stock handmade? Make sure they know. Is it environmentally friendly? Show it off! Ethics is a huge priority for shoppers right now. 

If your sole mission in the industry is to sell clothes and make money, consumers will find you indistinguishable from your competitors. 

3. Who is your audience (and how will you reach them?) 

Determine your target audience – factors such as age and gender simply scratch the surface of the customer profile you should be building. 

And remember that while clothing is a necessity, it’s generally one that people enjoy buying, so content marketing is a great way to engage with a customer base that shares your interest in fashion. Maratopia Digital Marketing have trained content creators who can help you put together a long-term strategy that will build lasting and loyal relationships with your consumers and go beyond your product to truly capture their imaginations. 

And when it comes to connecting with your audience, don’t be afraid to experiment – TikTok is huge for fashion and beauty retailers right now, making it the place to be for any start-up, whether through your own creations or using influencer exposure to raise brand awareness. 

These are just three major questions to ask yourself before going vogue. It’s a competitive industry out there but with the right recipe for success, you can make your mark with a dedicated following and set the trends of the future!