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Revitalise with rosehip

12th March 2012 Print

It might be a common hedgerow fruit, but recent research has shown that there is more to the rosehip than meets the eye and it could be a secret weapon in the fight to keep against aging skin. The new Phytacol skincare range harnesses the benefits of the fruit to help keep your skin in tip top condition and has already been winning applaud amongst women up and down the country.

Whilst rosehips have are jam packed full of nutrients that are important for healthy skin, such as vitamin B3 and C, it is recent research that has really thrown the fruit into the skincare spotlight.

Recent published studies have confirmed two important properties of rosehips that make them an ideal skincare agent. First and foremost the fruit has been found to contain powerful anti-oxidants, natural chemicals that help counter oxygen free radicals, the main culprits blamed for aging skin. Secondly the fruits have also been shown to act as powerful anti-inflammatories, which could be a huge help for problem skin that is red or inflamed.

The new Phytacol skincare range, which consists of PhytaOil, PhytaLotion and PhytaOil Sport, combines rosehip oil with vitamins A and E, and the natural oils of apricot kernel, jojoba seed, lavender, lime and geranium to create a powerful skincare range which helps the skin's regenerative and toning process. Phytacol products are also easily absorbed into the skin and contain no mineral oil, synthetic preservatives or fragrances.

So if your skin needs revitalising, reach for the rosehip and visit