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Forge fluoro silicone turbo hose kit for VW Golf Mk4 diesel

29th March 2012 Print
Forge Golf 4 Diesel Hose

Forge Motorsport has an enviable level of experience working with all Volkswagen Group cars, so it will come as little surprise to see their typically over-engineered solution to the turbo hose application on both 130 and 150 versions of the Mk4 Tdi.

Even though Forge’s own silicon hose range uses the very finest European grade silicones, even this wasn’t considered to be tough enough for this extremely high temperature and potentially oil-laden area. For this application, Forge has specified a motorsport-grade fluoro silicone, complete with Nomex-reinforced lamination. The end couplers have been precision-machined from aerospace grade alloy, again to allow for extreme clamping and boost pressures.

Finished in natural ochre this hose is ideally suited to being fitted close to the turbocharger and is easily able to withstand any oil that may accumulate in the hose, which would normally lead to degradation if normal silicone was used in its construction.

Designed here in the UK and precisely manufactured to be a direct replacement for the OEM part, The Forge Golf hose is priced at just £69.00 excluding VAT. It’s a truly essential upgrade for any car that spends time on track, gets driven hard or that is running higher than standard boost pressure.

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Forge Golf 4 Diesel Hose