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Smaller price for ultra-compact speed camera locator

10th January 2007 Print
RoadPilot has cut the price of the microGo, the world’s smallest GPS-based speed camera locator, by £50 to the new price of £149.95 (incl. VAT). The microGo is officially the world’s smallest speed camera locator, using GPS satellite technology to alert the driver to the location of speed camera sites and accident blackspots.

Speeding is set to hit the headlines once again next month when the Government’s new Road Safety Bill finally becomes law. The legislation will introduce a graduated penalty system for speeding, where the number of penalty points incurred more closely reflects the severity of the offence. It will also be made clear that speed camera locators (such as the microGo) that use GPS technology to warn drivers about nearby speed cameras will remain fully legal.

With reported thefts of portable technology (e.g. satellite navigation and speed camera detection units) from parked vehicles becoming increasingly commonplace, the compact microGo is reassuringly easy to carry when away from the car, especially when compared to bulkier rival devices.

The microGo comes pre-loaded with a database of camera sites in Europe as well as the UK. Despite its diminutive size, the microGo unit has a large 42mm LCD display screen showing a variety of functions, including:

The vehicle’s precise speed (to a greater accuracy than a vehicle’s standard speedometer)
Position and distance of any fixed speed camera
The speed limit in the vicinity of the speed camera
The vehicle’s precise GPS location within an accuracy of 5-10 metres
The vehicle’s proximity to the London Congestion Zone, indicating the approach and boundary
Rotating compass
Trip and odometer showing distance travelled
‘RescueME’ – a GPS positional reading to pass onto emergency services if needed
For additional safety, a user-selectable maximum speed warning

microGo also has a variable-colour backlight, which can be adjusted to closely match the instrument panel on any vehicle. There are 64 colours to choose from.

The RoadPilot microGo can be purchased for £149.95 from Halfords, Selfridges, Harrods and all good car accessory outlets. Alternatively you can order online at