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Kindle and Blackberry attracting more searches than iPhone 4

11th April 2012 Print

Over 13 million UK searches were conducted online for consumer electronics in February with Amazon's 'Kindle' and Research In Motion's 'Blackberry' attracting more queries than those for Apple 'iPhone 4s'. This is according to the latest research from leading independent digital marketing agency, Greenlight.

Although not on the market yet, there were 450,000 searches for the term 'iPhone 5' compared to 368,000 for 'iPhone 4s'.

Greenlight's research 'Brown Goods Sector Report - Issue 11' profiled UK search behaviour covering audio & accessories, cameras and camcorders, PCs, laptops & tablets, phones & accessories and TVs & DVD players. This it did via analysis of online search-related data sourced from Hydra's One Platform, a leading provider of SaaS tools for digital marketers.

Some key findings from Greenlight's report reveal:

In February, more than 7 million searches were made for PC & laptop terms which accounted for a 54% share of overall searches. Searches pertaining to phones & mobile accessories were also popular, accounting for a 26% share. 'Kindle' was the most queried consumer electronics term, attracting 823,000 searches.  Blackberry followed with 673,000.The keyword 'iPod' was searched for 301,000 times, accounting for 25% of all searches made for the Audio & accessories subsector.In the Phones & accessories subsector, O2 achieved a 34% share of visibility as did Vodafone, in natural search. This they achieved through attaining high ranking in the search engine results pages for the high volume search terms 'iPhone 4' and 'Blackberry', respectively.Apple was the most visible website across the board in Greenlight's natural search league table, achieving a 50% share of voice.Amazon UK was the most visible advertiser in the paid media** space, achieving a 44% share of visibility.Amazon UK also ranked at the top of Greenlight's integrated search league table, as it achieved strong visibility in both the natural search and paid media space.

Natural Search - Listings in search engine results pages that appear organically because of their relevance to the search terms

Paid Media - an Internet advertising model used on websites, in which advertisers pay their host only when their ad is clicked. With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market

Greenlight's report, 'Brown Goods Sector Report - Issue 11', profiles search behaviour in this sector. It assesses which brands, websites and review sites are the most visible in natural search, paid media results, and social media and hence have the greatest share of consideration when UK-based searchers go to Google UK to find brown goods.

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