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UK’s cheapest line rental gets even cheaper

24th April 2012 Print

Primus, the UK's low cost home phone provider, has slashed costs further on its Line Rental Saver package to just £6.29 per month. The package, which is the cheapest in the UK, could cut annual line rental bills by over £90 compared with other costlier line rental providers. This deal is available exclusively through Ofcom-accredited price comparison site

Offering evening & weekend calls at 2p per minute and daytime calls at 7.4p per minute, this package suits customers who are light phone users making the majority of their calls in the evenings, or alternatively those who require a phone line for their broadband connection.

Dominic Baliszewski, home phone expert, commented: "Household incomes have been squeezed by a steady stream of line rental increases over the past year which, combined with other rising bills, have put the average family under pressure to make their money go further. Reviewing your monthly outgoings is essential if you are to minimise costs and line rental in particular is often overlooked despite being an area in which real savings can be made. £6.29 is an outstanding offer from Primus and households who haven't switched in a while should compare prices using an Ofcom accredited price comparison site to see if it is worth making the switch. With the potential to shave over £90 from the yearly phone bill, there is certainly nothing to lose!"

In addition to Primus Line Rental Saver, also exclusively offers the Primus Home Phone Saver deal which includes free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines for just £7.99 per month.'s top tips on reducing your phone bills:

1. Pay by direct debit: Nearly all providers discourage paying by direct debit and impose charges of anything up to £5 for dealing with cheques. However, The Post Office accepts payment by cheque with no additional charges.

2. Opt for paperless billing: Some providers offer discounts if you receive your statements online instead of via post. You'll also be doing your bit for the environment.

3. Check the small print: If you are tied in to a 12 or 18 month contract, you may be faced with exit fees if you want to switch before it runs out. Check what you may have to pay to switch early and weigh it up against the cost savings to ensure it is worth the move.