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It's time to meet your perfect olive

4th May 2012 Print
Bodega Olives

They may be from Italy, Spain and Greece but the delicious olives in the new Bodega range clearly speak our language. Branded according to their individual tastes and personality, the olives “do just what they say on the tin” with crystal-clear tasting notes and pairing advice. Not only is the approach clearer for the shopper, the range also clarifies the diversity of flavour offered by olives and the fact that self-confessed “olive haters” may just not have been introduced to the right one.

The new range, produced from Bodega, manages to demystify olives for the beginner whilst celebrating their diversity and individuality for the connoisseur. The beginner may never have heard of a Nocellara, Cuquillo or Volos olive but is provided with clear suggestions as to how they will taste. The burgeoning connoisseur on the other hand is presented with a range which, for the first time, categorises olives in a similar way to fine wines. Descriptors such as “mellow” and “well-rounded” begin to touch on the gastronomic nuances offered by olives with accompanying provenance information and serving ideas.

The Bodega range is made up of five olives, named after their taste; Mild, Lively, Vibrant, Robust and Spicy, encouraging consumers to let their taste buds rather than their eyes or romantic notions of the Mediterranean make the right choice for them. The notion is that disliking olives is often down to choosing the wrong one in terms of taste and no trendy marinade or rustic packaging will make up for this.

Vaz Frigerio, Bodega’s olive expert and buyer added: “When people try olives for the first time, you don’t always get a positive reaction. We believe we have something in the range to suit all taste buds, however sophisticated -  the Mild Nocellara in the Bodega range is the most popular olive in central and southern Italy and has a taste that is accessible to olive lovers and beginners alike.  There is no such thing as an olive gene, it is about finding and tasting the right olive for you.”

Full details of the new Bodega olive range is as follows. The Mild, Lively and Spicy olives in the range are available in Sainsbury’s priced at £2.

Mild – a mellow 1

Descriptor: Nocellara Olives rolled in Lemon Infused Oil

For those who like a mellow-mannered olive

“We love the Sicilian Nocellara Del Belice Olives for their mild-mannered flavour, rolling them in lemon and oil for a fresh mellow bite that’s perfect for those who prefer a subtle taste (that’s why it’s a great starter olive).”

Lively – a bright 2

Descriptor: Cuquillo and Volos olives shaken up with garlic and a sprinkle of paprika

For those who want to shake up their taste-buds

“We chose green Volos from Greece for their meaty texture, marrying it with Spanish black cuquillos whose softer flesh deliver a deep flavour. Together they are  enlivened with richly fragrant garlic and gently spicy paprika for a deliciously spirited partnership (one that’s outspoken yet outstanding).”

Vibrant – a well-rounded 3

Descriptor: Manzanilla Olives with Pesto, Tomatoes & Mozzarella

For those who love the rich flavour influences of Italy

“We chose the Manzanilla Olive for its vibrant taste and slight almond flavour that perfectly complements the rich depth of the sun-dried tomatoes and pesto marinade while contrasting the creamy softness of the mozzarella. This antipasti serves up the best flavour influences of Italy on one plate (so you could go all out and add it to spaghetti).”

Robust – a bold 4

Descriptor: Marinated Kalamata Olives with full-flavoured Crumbly Feta

For those who want a Hellenic pick and mix

“We love the undeniable Greekness of deeply rich and fruity Kalamata Olives with full-bodied, crumbly Feta. It’s a mix of such simple harmony that it is perfect just as it is (you don’t even need a plate).”

Spicy – a punchy 5

Descriptor: Halkidiki Olives double stuffed with Jalapeno & Pimento

For those who prefer their olives hot (bit not that hot)

“Generously proportioned, full flavoured and only grown on the Halkidiki peninsular in Greece. This heroic olive is brave enough to take on jalapenos and pimentos for a hot (but not too hit) nibble.”

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Bodega Olives