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What types of insurance are available for bikers?

11th May 2012 Print

Motorcycle riders are a passionate bunch. Once they start down the road of motorcycle ownership they can find it is hard to go back to the stifling confines of four-wheel transport. Once they have a taste for the freeing power of a motorcycle with its ability to zip through congested roads and nimbly parked in the tightest spaces it soon becomes difficult to justify the logic of transporting one person to and from work in a giant metal box.

Motorcyclists can also make significant savings on their transportation costs. Not only is a motorcycle far cheaper than an equivalent car, fuel costs are lower and insurance can be heard for bargain prices. Two-wheeled transport comes in all shapes and sizes from classic bikes, to scooters to sports bikes so it’s vital to have an insurer that understands your specific requirements. Companies like Bikesure are staffed by enthusiasts who have a passion for motorcycles who will bend over backwards to tailor a competitive quote for your bike insurance.

So, how does motorcycle insurance differ from traditional car insurance?

Types of insurance.

As with car insurance three different levels of cover can be purchased. They are

Third Party
Third Party Fire and Theft
Fully Comprehensive

You need to be aware that third party is a legal requirement. This will cover damage to another driver’s vehicle or any injury to them. It will not cover the rider for damage, loss or theft of their bike. Only a fully comprehensive policy will cover the repairs to your bike in the event of an accident in addition to covering damage to another road users vehicle or injury to them. Some policies will also include your helmet and leathers though this is not standard across the whole industry.

How to reduce your premium even further.

In a similar fashion to cars insurers look kindly on motorbikes that are fitted with safety and after anti-crime features.

Where you will be storing your vehicle is also an important consideration. If you can keep your motorcycle in a garage then the chances of theft, or random vandalism are considerably reduced, as will be your premium.

Not only will the safety of the vehicle impact on the cost of your premium, but also the safety record of the driver. By taking an advanced driving course you can demonstrate competency on the road, and the fact that you are a reduced risk to insure. Be careful to take a course that is recognised by your insurer, and you can expect a significant reduction in your premiums.

SORN Insurance.

If you have declared your bike off the road it must be parked on private land. It can still be victim to vandalism or theft so it’s prudent to still insure it. You can obtain SORN insurance to meet the full value of your bike whilst it is laid up ensuring peace of mind that your prized possession will be replaced in the event of a crime.