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New site launches to prevent dress clash

16th May 2012 Print

Dress Spy has announced its launch. has been developed to help guests avoid outfit clashes at weddings, parties, proms or wherever the potential for this sort of dress disaster may lurk.

It's a simple yet effective tool and very easy to use. The organiser (or other) signs up and posts the event. They send login details to their guests, and the guests can post photos of the outfits they plan to wear. There are then two levels of privacy. The first allows every guest to view all posts by other guests, the second only allows the organiser to view, so that they can contact the owners of the clashing outfits and warn them well in advance.

The website has been launched by Mark McCormack, owner of Markmedia, a digital marketing company.

"I got the idea for Dress Spy after attending a family wedding and seeing the distress and embarrassment a dress clash can cause," Mark says, "My niece had gone to great lengths and spent a lot of money to look perfect and she did. The trouble was that so did another woman, in exactly the same outfit! So the idea for Dress Spy was born."

The second benefit of the site is that it's based around the whole social media concept. It connects people prior to the event.

"They may not have seen each other for a while," continues Mark, "or they may live in the same area and be able to share transport. They may know no-one, but the social aspect of the site allows them to make connections with other guests before the event itself. This facilitates a pre-event buzz, which adds to guests' enjoyment."

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