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Social media revealed as a key influence on the nation’s wardrobe

21st April 2015 Print
Facebook fashion

Brits spend £815 million to ‘social media proof’ their wardrobe with men spending MORE than women.

Research has revealed the influence of social media on our personal style and shopping habits. The research, which polled 2,000 men and women from ages 18 to over 60 highlights the cultural and behavioural shift caused by the democratisation of fashion through social media.

In the twenty-teens people’s shopping behaviours have changed as we strive to be social media-ready 24/7. Whilst the ultimate fashion faux pas used to be turning up to a party in the same outfit as someone else, today it’s all about being tagged in the same outfit on social media.

Nearly one third of Brits (28%) admitted they buy new clothes just to avoid being multi-tagged in the same outfit.

Almost a fifth (18%) said that they would refuse to wear an outfit again if they knew there was a chance of appearing in the same outfit online.

Men appear to be the most social-conscious gender, spending an average of £61 to safe-guard against this modern day anxiety, as opposed to women’s £53.50

The research, conducted by TK Maxx, reveals the extent of this influence shift.

37% of Brits said that seeing what others wear on social media inspires them to try something new.

Almost a third (29%) credit social media with helping them to decide what to buy and how to wear it.

Gaining comments and likes on their outfits on social media inspires 1 in 4 to try new styles.

11% credit bloggers as more inspirational than fashion designers.

18% said they always ensured they looked stylish for social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

As social media has made fashion and style more accessible than ever, it drives how we shop and what we wear. Facebook recorded 1.39 billion users at the end of 2014, with Instagram growing to over 300 million users with over 70 million photos and videos being shared every day. Sources of style inspiration have fundamentally changed: fashion news often breaks exclusively via Facebook and Twitter, bloggers are now gracing the cover of Vogue and fashion designers are live streaming their shows. This boost of social influence is inspiring people to explore their own personal style and curate their own unique looks to share and receive affirmation online. The average adult has 338 Facebook friends, meaning their style selfies are being reviewed and commented on by hundreds of people with each upload.

Lily Melrose, Fashion Blogger and Industry Commentator, comments: “Instagrammers and bloggers are undoubtedly the new tastemakers of obtainable and relatable style. Social media has totally changed the face of fashion today and the way we shop. The beauty of social sharing sites is that you can be inspired by such a wide range of people, from your friends, bloggers, celebrities and family.”

“On social media there is something for everyone as unique and individual looks are celebrated and shared. I can’t count the times I’ve been inspired by another blogger or someone on my Instagram page to try something new and I love sharing my looks with my readers.”

The findings follow the launch of TK Maxx’s Spring/Summer campaign, which launched exclusively on its Facebook channel and sees the brand celebrating the personal style of 10 of its customers. Each cast member was surprised with a rail of new spring/summer trends including big labels, wardrobe classics and unique gems; then invited to create their own unique looks for a variety of occasions.

Deborah Dolce, Group Brand & Marketing Director commented: “Social media is moving people toward a wide range of fashion ideals and style icons. While celebrity culture is still strong, we now look to a much broader base of people for inspiration from our friends to bloggers to online style trailblazers. Social media platforms enable us to express ourselves freely and showcase our personal style.

“Similarly TK Maxx believes that fashion is for everyone. We encourage people of all ages, shapes and tastes to enjoy expressing their style from within the wide and ever changing selection of designer finds and unique gems in our stores. Since our savings are outstanding, we’d love people to have some fun creating their own looks. Shoppers can find great labels and quality and curate many outfits that they love for less to ensure that their wardrobe is socially media-proofed.”

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Facebook fashion