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Customers in danger of being left in the dark by Energy Bill

28th May 2012 Print

There was little for homeowners to cheer in the Energy Bill this week. The focus was on securing future energy resources rather than helping householders pay bills now.  There was even the threat of rising bills in future to pay for the investments in clean energy.

It is another potential hit for cash-strapped homeowners who can see little alternative to paying more for traditional energy tariffs.  Especially after the cut in the feed-in tariff for solar energy earlier this year, the so-called "solar rush" has turned into a "solar crawl". 

According to research from, around 5 per cent of households in the UK have so far installed solar panels.  However, following the cut in the feed-in tariff, only 4 per cent of homeowners now say they are considering investing in solar energy in the next 18 months.

Jeremy Cryer, head of energy at, said: "The government is banking on alternative energy sources, such as solar, becoming more attractive in years to come as the cost of technology and installation comes down. But in the meantime there are warnings of higher fuel bills to fund the investment in clean energy required for future generations. 

"Consumers are now caught between a rock and hard place - expected to pay more if they are to invest in solar energy or pay more for utilities companies to provide their electricity. It's a case of ‘mind the gap' for many customers suffering from rising energy costs and few incentives to invest in solar or other green energy solutions.

"The only viable energy strategy for most homeowners remains trying to save energy and shopping around to ensure they are getting the best deal by using a comparison site. customers who switched both electricity and gas providers saved up to £350.95."