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Hard working Brits stay online abroad, contributing £43m to the economy

7th June 2012 Print

With six million Brits heading abroad this Jubilee/half term weekend, a survey conducted by flight comparison site Skyscanner, has revealed more than a third (38%) of them will be forced to work during their time off, generating a massive £42.8m to the economy.

As the UK slips into recession again, this survey by the travel search site has revealed that many hard-working Brits feel they need to work on holiday, in addition to the average 43 hour working week; The survey found the average Brit is spending 2.5 hours per week stuck to their Smartphones, sending emails, making phone calls and analysing documents while on holiday, with an extra hard-working one in 10 putting in an additional nine hours per week.

Sam Baldwin, Travel Editor at Skyscanner said; “With record levels of unemployment in Britain, workers may be concerned about job security which is resulting in them working on holiday. However on the upside, our poolside work ethic directly contributes almost £43m to the bottom line which can only be good for the UK economy.”

The survey also looked at the regions to find which are the hardest working Brits abroad, and revealed a massive 60% of people from Northern Ireland clocking up the overtime and picking up their laptop on holiday. However, this was closely followed by Londoners living up to their pen-pushing stereotype, with 51% of employees from the capital continuing to work in resort.

People from Liverpool are proving keen workaholics, with 42% of those polled stating they work on holiday; also supporting the hard working Northerners are devoted Geordies with 38% keeping on top of work whilst abroad. North of the border, Glaswegians make up the top five hardest working

Brits, with 35% saying they connect to the office in resort.

Baldwin continues; “Rather than completely sacrificing their holidays, it appears that Brits will find ways to keep on top of their workload whilst they are abroad and, whilst perhaps not ideal in terms of switching off, I can think of worst places to check emails than on a sun-kissed island in the Med.”

Top workaholics revealed

1. Northern Ireland 60%
2. London 51%
3. Liverpool 42%
4. Newcastle 38%
5. Glasgow 35%
6. Birmingham 32%
7. Cardiff 27%
8. Leeds 25%
9. Essex 15%