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Nissan NV400 conversions range

20th June 2012 Print
Nissan NV400

Nissan has announced more detailed specification and prices for its new range of factory built NV400 conversions, including a six and nine seat minibus, a crew van and both single and double cab dropside and tipper conversions. All versions are available to order through the Nissan dealer network with immediate effect.
The countless variations of wheelbase length, payload, engine horsepower, front or rear wheel drive, single or double cab and two trim levels, make the NV400 one of the largest LCV model ranges in the UK.
The NV400 chassis cab starts life as a mid or long wheelbase variant with either front or rear wheel drive, single and twin rear wheel and is available in a total of 13 versions. Powered by either the 125hp and 150hp version of the economical and powerful 2.5dCi diesel, the NV400 chassis cab is now available with the new range of factory built conversions.
The factory built NV400 minibus can accommodate nine people in comfort or combine six people and a generous load space. Two engine power options of 100hp and 125hp are available with three point seat belts and anti-lock brakes, just two of the standard safety items. The NV400 minibus starts at just £26,575.
With large windows and comfortable seats, the Nissan NV400 crew van seats up to seven people while still providing plenty of space in the cargo area. Choose from a wide choice of cargo and payload specs up to 1,398kg plus front or rear wheel drive for a van that perfectly matches a range of business requirements, all for just £25,565.
The Nissan NV400 dropside has a double skinned but light metal body and an integral front ladder rack. Available with a choice of either a single three seat or a double seven seat cab, front or rear wheel drive and a range of payloads up to 1,462kg, it makes a perfect workman’s vehicle. The NV400 dropside starts from £23,365 for a single cab and £25,765 for a double cab.
Hard-working yet comfortable, the Nissan NV400 tipper is available as a three seat single cab for £24,765 or a roomy seven seat double cab for £27,165 and offers a choice of mid or long wheelbase and a range of payloads up to 1,227kg. The load deck tilts automatically at 45°for quick, easy unloading.
In addition the Nissan NV400 will be enhanced with a range of Good to Go local conversions, including a box van, Luton and refrigerated van, plus a 14-17 seat minibus option that will be built by handpicked UK converters and sold by Nissan business centres to operators as a complete vehicle.
Nissan’s factory built and Good to Go approach guarantees that operators receive a quality and fully approved conversion complete with a manufacturer warranty.

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Nissan NV400