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Tobia Teff adds to its range of gluten-free products

27th June 2012 Print
A selection of teff products

Teff, a gluten-free grain packed full of nutrients including iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamins B and C, whilst low in calories, is a staple of the Ethiopian and Eritrean diet, and is available to the UK market in an increasing range of products from Tobia-Teff. Whilst originally just teff flour (brown or white) was available, the range now also includes organic flour, cereals and the latest addition, home-made teff breads.

Whilst ideal for those looking to cut out or reduce their gluten intake, whether out of necessity (intolerance) or choice (many top tennis players have recently adopted a gluten-free diet), due to its high nutrient content, teff is also recommended for those participating in a lot of sport and pregnant women, amongst others - many of Ethiopia’s famed long-distance runners attribute their energy and health to teff.

“I’m a big advocate of trying it in more traditional Western dishes – so everyone can enjoy the associated health improvements. Hopefully our range offers something for all tastes and requirements”, says Tobia-Teff managing director Sophie Sirak Kebede. “The teff cereals can be enjoyed on their own, or mixed into a regular muesli for a nutritious start to the day, for example; and our breads run from plain to onion seed, sunflower seed or raisin bread, so there are options for toast and sandwiches as well as Afternoon Tea.”

The Tobia-Teff website ( also provides recipes, so breads can be made at home with the teff flour – as well as treats such as gingerbread men or muffins.

These teff products are available through the Tobia Teff website itself, with mail-order available throughout the UK (postage charges apply, overnight delivery is also available). It is also available through health food suppliers including Goodness Foods, and health food shops such as Mother Earth (three outlets in North London).

More information on pricing, delivery and a full list of stockists can be found at

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A selection of teff products