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Swallowable intragastric balloon: price in Turkey

10th June 2023 Print

In recent years, a new revolutionary treatment method has emerged to help people lose weight: the swallowable gastric balloon. It is an effective and affordable alternative to surgical procedures and can be easily inserted into the stomach through the esophagus.

A swallowable intragastric balloon is also available inexpensively in Turkey, where it can be used as an effective method for weight loss. Both patients and doctors swear by the positive effect of the ball - after completing the treatment, many patients have quickly lost excess kilos!

How does a swallowable intragastric balloon work?

The swallowable intragastric balloon is an innovative method of weight reduction that is becoming increasingly popular. But how does it work exactly? First, the balloon is swallowed in a capsule and thus reaches the stomach. Once there, it is filled with a certain amount of liquid with the help of a tube. In this way, it takes up space in the stomach and ensures that you feel full more quickly.

It remains in the stomach for a period of about 6 months and is then eliminated naturally. During this time, you should stick to a healthy diet and exercise regularly to help the weight loss process.

A swallowable intragastric balloon is a gentle alternative to surgery in cases of severe obesity. However, one should be well informed before such a measure and seek advice from a specialist in order to weigh possible risks.

Choosing the right surgeon

When choosing a provider for swallowable gastric balloon in Turkey, there are several factors to consider. The experience and expertise of the provider, the satisfaction of previous patients, and the quality of the medical staff and facilities are critical.

Thorough research is advisable to ensure that the potential provider has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of swallowable gastric balloon. It can also be helpful to read reviews from other patients and ensure that the facility meets all necessary medical standards and has adequately qualified staff. 

A search on Google with English keywords such as "Swallowable Gastric Balloon Price in Turkey" is usually more targeted than in German.

Examination and diagnosis

There are several factors that must be considered before following up with a patient. The primary step is to perform a comprehensive history and physical examination to ensure that the patient is suitable for the swallowable gastric balloon. In addition, tests such as blood work and x-rays may be used to assess the patient's health.

The doctor should also talk to the patient about his or her weight loss plan. This will allow the doctor to assess whether the swallowable gastric balloon is appropriate for the patient or whether other methods should be considered. In addition, the doctor may prescribe various medications as needed to aid in weight loss or to treat other health problems.

At the end of the diagnostic process, the doctor should recommend to the patient whether or not to consider the swallowable gastric balloon as a treatment method. If so, the doctor will inform the patient of all the pros and cons of this treatment option and help them make the decision.


In conclusion, the swallowable intragastric balloon in Turkey is a promising option for people struggling with their weight and looking for an affordable alternative to treatments in Germany. The treatment is performed by experienced providers and there are many clinics that offer this method.

The cost is affordable compared to other countries, and the quality of medical care is of a high standard. Nevertheless, it is important to inform yourself about the treatment options and consider the risks of any surgery.