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Caravan holidays on the increase

8th August 2012 Print

In the past twelve months, the number of caravan sales and camping accessories has reached record levels. With hordes of travel insurance policyholders seeking better value for money from their holidays, an increasing number are now opting for caravan breaks on home soil over the warmer climes of the Mediterranean and beyond.

Camping and caravan holidays are now the most popular form of ‘staycation’ in Britain. Contrary to popular belief, the gradual increase in caravan holidays is not so much to do with the effects of the economic climate as the desire to get more bang for your buck – the same amounts are being spent, but on holidays that offer more in the way of freedom and facilities.

The demand for lightweight caravans that can easily be towed by a standard family car is also on the increase by the growing number of caravan holiday enthusiasts.

“Everyone is searching for great value for money this year, and they’re safe in the knowledge that if they remain on UK soil they can avoid the hefty costs of holidaying in the Eurozone,” states motorhome and caravan trader, Nathan Alexander.

With more people being attracted to the benefits of caravanning and cheap caravan insurance, sales of pre-owned caravans are booming to the extent where dealers are reporting shortages in price brackets.

The increase in sales have mostly been driven by the type of caravan specifically built for families as opposed to vacationing couples, which means that more families are now taking advantage of breaks at home rather than the traditional overseas beach holiday.

As for those purchasing caravans built for couples, the industry has been flooded by buyers who are interested in more luxurious models, illustrating how people do have money to spend, but are merely seeking to do more with the same amount of money.

One of the big benefits to holidaying in the UK, is that people taking this option can find themselves with more freedom to move around, perhaps visiting the white cliffs of Dover one day before driving off to see the attractions in London the next. This method of visiting several areas in one week or a fortnight means that a family can start in the Lake District, travel through the Cotswolds and end up in picturesque Cornwall.

The benefits of owning a caravan simply cuts out much of the need to plan and book ahead, and does away with other costs, like taxis to and from the airport and, of course, hotels and B&Bs. Only a pitch, travel insurance, such as that offered by Safeguard caravan insurance, and petrol need be added to the list of necessary holiday costs.

While Britain’s pub trade is dwindling from a loss in alcohol and food sales in general, camping and caravan holidaymakers who are keeping local businesses afloat. In addition to this, British tourist attractions also reap the rewards of thousands of holidaymakers who opt to stay home for their holiday.