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Brits beat post-Olympic blues by entering chocolate heaven

21st August 2012 Print

The drop in euphoria following the ending of the Olympic Games in London is having a beneficial impact on one tourism business in the capital, which has seen its enquiries and bookings boom as the spirit of the nation plummets.

The reason appears to be the mood-lifting effects of chocolate, to which Brits are turning to seemingly counteract a little trough of depression now all the gold medal celebrations have come to an end.

Chocolate Ecstasy Tours, which operates idyllic walking tours based solely around a theme of chocolate, is witnessing an unexpected peak in business for the month of August. Since the Games ended last weekend, website visits and bookings have lifted notably.

These original chocolate tours take chocolate lovers around secret chocolate hideaways in which some of the country’s top chocolatiers ply their trade in exquisite chocolate boutiques in some of the city’s most exclusive streets. Those on a tour get a chance to meet these artisan craftsmen, who reveal some of their techniques and are very happy to wax lyrical about chocolate, its history, English chocolate traditions and modern chocolate trends.

Even better, those taking a tour are able to sample lots of chocolate, top up their intake with hot chocolate and access VIP discounts to ensure they take just enough home with them to keep the clouds of despair away!

“To say this is seventh heaven for a chocolate lover is an understatement”, says the founder of Chocolate Ecstasy Tours and self-confessed chocoholic, Jennifer Earle. “We naturally attract chocolate lovers, but most people actually discover a whole new layer of the chocolate box that they knew nothing about when they come on a tour. This creates surprise, delight and as our company name says, sheer ecstasy”.

All of this appears to be just the ticket for those suffering from post-Olympics bouts of depression. The therapeutic qualities of chocolate and its positive effect on the ‘the blues’ are well documented. It looks like Brits are finding their own way of weaning themselves off the Olympics and finding their consolation in chocolate.

Chocolate Ecstasy Tours guides will be taking groups around Mayfair on Saturdays, and Chelsea and Knightsbridge on Sundays, as normal during the next few weeks and months, but also have all-day Saturday tours available for those who need a big boost and monthly evening tours too. Visit for more information on the tours, which cost between £40 and £45 for 3-3.5 hour weekend tours, £165 for a full-day tour and £55 for 2.5-hour evening tours including a chocolate cocktail and ice cream! If you find that a tour is the best way to beat your blues, be sure to tell others!