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Revo new stage one software for VW Amarok

21st August 2012 Print
Revo Amarok Software

Respected VW Group tuner Revo has released its latest software solution for all 160bhp Bi-TDi variants of VW’s capable new Amarok. This latest upgrade offers a power increase of 47+ bhp, over 54ftlb more torque and the welcome deletion of the speed limiter!

Revo’s engineers have completed thousands of both road and track mileage in order to create a superbly effective conversion that leaves all of the VW safety parameters firmly in place whilst offering power and torque increases throughout the rev range. Power delivery is kept crisp and smooth thanks to careful mapping, making the whole conversion feel very much like an official conversion – but with everything turned up to ‘11’.

By the expert application of precise fuelling and boost tabulation, the Revo Stage 1 package not only offers considerably more performance in every gear, but counter-intuitively, balances this with improved fuel consumption, thanks to the engine having to effectively have to do less work to achieve any desired speed, due to the improved torque characteristics of the engine.

Once the software has been fitted, using Revo’s unique Serial Port Switch, it is possible to revert the vehicle back to a standard spec in just seconds. Ideal for any Amarok that shares multiple drivers, or indeed for any enthusiast looking to have two vehicles in one.

So, whether you’re looking give your Pick-Up more pick-up, make it a more effective tow vehicle, or just want to enjoy improved fuel economy, The Revo Stage 1 conversion offers all three for just £399 + VAT.

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