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Family fun courtesy of DVLA Personalised Registrations

29th August 2012 Print

The school holidays may be drawing to a close, but DVLA Personalised Registrations is offering families who enjoy day outings a summer swansong.
Registered bidders attending next week’s three-day auction of personalised registrations at Mercedes-Benz World will be able to experience the best dream machines the German car manufacturer has to offer – free of charge!
The Agency is ensuring the doors to the world-renowned museum will be open for those attending the sale while those registered to bid will be offered the opportunity to experience free “hot lap” rides around the purpose-built circuit at the Brooklands venue, Weybridge, Surrey.
Interest inPersonalised Registrations clearly continues as 3,200 bidders have already  registered for the sale 10 days before it commences on Thursday, September 6 - 1,100 more than those who’d signed up a week before the corresponding sale in 2011.
Jody Davies, DVLA Personalised Registrations’ Events Manager, said: “You don’t have to be a complete petrol head to enjoy the thrill and excitement of stepping into a dream car.
“We have arranged for registered bidders who come along to Mercedes-Benz World to enjoy a drive of their life!”
DVLA’s forthcoming auction will consist of a total of 1,500 registrations, all chosen to offer a selection to suit all tastes, styles and budgets including; 600 A (reserve - £3,000), BA11 OON (£1,000), BE11 NDA (£900), BO55 AMG (£700), BU11 MER (£900), BU11 OCK (£1,000), CA12 TER (£1,000), CHU 7E (£400), C007 SPY (£400), CUR 11E (£400), DEE 516N (£300),  E50 AMG (£500), FA12 REL (£1,000),  GA11 ERY (£1,000), GA12 RYS (£900), GYM 80X (£400), HE12 ESH (£900),  HU12 LEY (£1,000), H15 LUV (£350), H15 MRS (£400), JAN 170R (£400),  JE12 OME (£900), 700 LS (£2,600), L551 DHU (£400), MA11 ETT (£900), ME12 LOT (£900), MEL 848E (£450), MY12 SLK (£600), OFF 11A (£400), PA12 KES (£1,000), PH11 LLS (£1,500), SE11 OUT (£1,000),  SH11 RLY (£1,000), SL63 AMG (£2,000), ST12 EET (£900), TA12 REK (£900), TJ51 NGH (£900), TR11 CKS (£1,000),  VA12 NEY (£900), WA12 REN (£1,000),  YOU 54Y (£400).