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How to transfer your number plate to another car

22nd July 2019 Print

Depending on the number plate you have chosen, a personalised number plate can sometimes be expensive to buy. If you have invested into one for yourself, or if someone has bought you one for a birthday or a special occasion, then chances are that you will always want to keep it. 

But can you? Can you transfer your number plate to another car? The answer is yes you can and if you want to know more then take a look through the process. 

What do I need to transfer my number plate?

If you want to transfer a number plate from one car to another car then there are a few different documents that you are going to need in order to start the process. You will need:

- The V5 Registration documents for both vehicles

- A valid MOT certificate for both of the vehicles (if they are over 3 years old)

- The £80 payment for the DVLA to cover the transfer fee

- A completed V317 transfer form

The V317 transfer form can be downloaded directly from the DVLA website and will ask for details on both the vehicles that are involved in the transfer. You will need each owner of the cars to sign the transfer form as this will confirm the application. 

The transfer process

Once you have sent off the form to the DVLA and paid the £80 fee then the transfer process can begin. The official timeline of a transfer being completed is 4-6 weeks, however, you will often find that it takes only 3 weeks. 

If you are concerned that you might not have all the documents, or understood the process properly, then there are helpful online guides and videos that you can check out to see if you have everything that you need. 

Once the transfer process has begun, then it is very important that you let your insurance company know. This will ensure that your policy continues in the event of any crash or theft of your car. 

Buying a personalised number plate for your car is great fun and it is something that you are going to want to keep for many years to come. So, why not make sure that you know plenty about the transferring a number plate process and ensure that you follow through all the steps?

It might take a few weeks and cost you £80 to transfer, but at least you will know that you can take your personalised number plate with you and stick with it on your newest car.