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8 ways to personalise your car without looking tacky

29th September 2021 Print

For many of us, our car is a personal possession that is filled with memories. We don’t want our cars to look identical to every other car on the road, but sometimes, car personalisation can lean on the tacky side. We’ve all seen them – bright pink cars or lewd bumper stickers that leave us cringing when we get behind them on the road. 

So how can you personalise your vehicle without coming across as tacky? Here are some fun ways you can give your car a subtle, yet still personal touch. 

1. A personalised number plate

A personalised number plate is a fun, yet exclusive way to personalise your car. You may be surprised that personalised number plates feature here, since in the past, they have sometimes been seen as naff. However, many people with fancier cars feel they complete the look of their vehicle and appear more luxurious than a bog-standard plate. 

Personalised number plates can be an investment, too, with some number plates selling for hundreds of thousands of pounds. Absolute Reg have a range of personalised number plates to choose from if you want to add the ultimate personal touch to your car. 

2. A custom paint job

Your car could stand out among the traffic with a custom paint job. This doesn’t mean you need to paint your car bright pink or cover it in Union Jacks or your favoured football team’s logo. There are subtler ways to go about it. A unique colour that you don’t often see on the road is a much simpler way to stand out without being flashy. You could also get stripes or a minimalistic pattern painted on your car. 

3. Phone accessories

While we should avoid texting or talking on our mobile phones at the same time as driving, our phones have other uses in our cars. We play music from them or use them for directions. There are plenty of phone accessories out there that let you personalise your car and help you use your phone safely while you drive. 

Phone mounts can be a simple way to prop up your phone when you use it for driving directions, but they don’t need to be boring. This list of the best phone mounts for your car in 2021 has plenty of inspiration. 

4. Custom seat upholstery

Seat covers and upholstery in simple patterns or one or two tones are a great way to personalise your car. The key to not looking tacky is to simply avoid overdoing it. Leather in one or two tones or a subtle pattern that matches your style will look unique and stylish. There are plenty of seat covers available online, but if you want the final effect to be extra special, you can take your car to an upholsterer for a truly customised look. 

5. Floor mats

They may sit under your feet, but the floor mats in your car don’t have to be the traditional dark rubber. High-quality floor mats are also more comfortable for you and your passengers. Try to get floor mats that match your car’s seats and carpet, while avoiding garish prints like leopard print, and they’ll look great. 

6. Steering wheel covers

While I wouldn’t recommend getting a fluffy pink steering wheel cover, there are stylish steering wheel covers out there that don’t give off tackiness. A subtle leather steering wheel cover will add personal flair to your car, while also helping you grip onto your steering wheel and reducing the wear of the material on the wheel itself. 

7. Bumper stickers

Bumper stickers are a cheap and fun way to personalise your car. Some people use them as a way to promote their political or religious beliefs or to tell really bad jokes, but you don’t need to do that to have fun with bumper stickers. A search for ‘car decal stickers’ on Etsy throws up plenty of subtler stickers that add a personal touch without being tacky or downright offensive. 

8. Antenna toppers

Antenna toppers are a fun way to personalise your car – especially if you have kids. With the choices available ranging from bumblebees to Disney characters, families often love antenna toppers, as they are a cute personalisation for kids to enjoy. Just remember that since antenna toppers are outside of your car and easily removed, you shouldn’t get too attached to them. If your kids love that Eeyore antenna topper, maybe take it off when you leave the car unattended or if you’re going on the motorway.