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1926 celebrates the great British autumn

23rd October 2012 Print

1926 wood flooring is encouraging the British public to get outside and appreciate the autumn colours on display around the UK, as part of its campaign to teach the UK more about where its natural resources come from.

After the second wettest summer on record, followed by a sunny September, this autumn is shaping up to be one of the most stunning, with the trees already turning some vibrant, fiery shades.

To help inspire people to take notice of these seasonal changes, 1926 has launched its guide to autumn. This advises which species of tree undergo the most spectacular changes during the season, how to spot them during autumn and where to find them in the UK. The guide can be found on the 1926 website:

This autumn, species such as maple, cherry and horse chestnut are putting on a glorious display of yellows, oranges, deep reds and browns, which will be more vivid than usual. There will also be an abundance of nuts, acorns and conkers to be found on country footpaths and pavements nationwide.

The Royal Horticultural society predicted that we would see a spectacular autumn back in September, when RHS Wisley curator Colin Crosbie explained the reason for this autumn’s colour show: “The wet weather over the summer helped trees produce large volumes of leaves and rather than shed them, as they would do in a dry year, they have retained them. Autumn colours will also be boosted by increased sugar levels in trees as a result of the recent lovely warm sunny days we have been enjoying.”

1926 is encouraging nature enthusiasts and novices to use its guide to autumn as a starting point for inspirational autumn adventures. The colder months are perfect for exploring the British countryside, wrapping up and capturing the changing seasons either by taking photographs, or encouraging the kids to collect nuts and leaves.

This comes as part of the brand’s campaign to encourage the British public to find out more about where their natural resources come from. Other projects, such as the children’s’ activity game, can be found here:

1926 stocks sustainable brands such as Kahrs, which has a 3:1 replanting policy, to ensure that its forests increase in size and natural resources are not depleted.

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