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What is the cost of gardening?

Many Brits take pride and joy in keeping their garden looking its best — but it can be costly! It’s estimated that over the course of a gardener’s lifetime, they’ll spend £30,000 on tending to their garden.

How to make a barbecue pit in your garden

Summer’s nearly here and it’s time to start making the most of the nice weather with some al fresco dining. But why not put a twist on the standard barbecue by creating a barbecue pit?

Six ways your outdoor space can deter thieves and secure your home

Keeping your home secure is a must for any homeowner or tenant. Burglars are getting craftier than ever, so it’s up to you to make sure that your home is locked and secure at all times with enough deterrents to send away thieves.

Adding structure to your garden

Adding structure to your garden

It’s cold and definitely not sunny so you probably aren’t spending much time in your garden at the moment! However, this time of year is perfect for you to take stock of your outside space and plan improvements.

Encourage your children to get involved in the garden

Despite popular belief that it is a relaxing activity for the older generation, gardening is in fact exciting for all of the family.

How to build a storage building on your property

Storage buildings may let you move enough stuff out of the garage so that you can park your cars in there again. However, there’s more to the process than picking a building out of a catalogue or from a website and it magically appearing in your garden.

Understanding the laws and legislation of gardening

Gardening is a fun hobby for all, it encourages a feel-good vibe and allows for some relaxation time. However, some activities that you do could land you in hot water.

How the garden has evolved over time

Gardens in Britain have been shrinking since the 1920s – and by looking at our own gardens, we probably wouldn’t notice it.

How to start grafting

When you are struggling for space in your garden, grafting your plants and trees is a fantastic solution to your problem.

Making the most of your garden: even in a small space

For many of us, it feels as though our garden could always be bigger, and we don’t have enough space to truly make the most of our gardens.

The versatility of the cherry picker: Aiding artistic design and sport

The cherry picker isn’t exactly known for being used during exciting situations. Usually, they’re used as a machine that can help maintain buildings at a height, fix telephone and electricity poles, aid construction workers, and aid workers who are trying to pick fruit.

How to get bedding plants right

Finding the right bedding plants for your garden can often be difficult, so why not let us help you? Why not try some bedding plants to spring your garden back into life?

Bloor Homes creating gorgeous gardens this spring

Bloor Homes creating gorgeous gardens this spring

With the official start to spring marking a welcome change in the weather, Bloor Homes South Midlands is challenging home owners across the region to get their outdoor spaces looking tip top this season.

How to lay paving slabs or a patio area professionally

The biggest benefit of laying your own patio or paving in general is also the most obvious: you get to save up to 80% on the costs of a pro job. And that’s especially true if you shop online for what you need and bag yourself a bargain.

Beaches, booze and barbecues: The recipe for the perfect summer

Beaches, booze and barbecues: The recipe for the perfect summer

Six barbecues, nine days sunbathing, three packets of hayfever tablets and two jugs of Pimm’s - those are the ingredients of the typical British summer, according to new research.