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5 cool ideas to upgrade your garden this winter

18th October 2022 Print

While we might not exactly be spending much time in the garden during winter, the cold months may be a good time to get some work in the garden ready for the spring. With the cost-of-living crisis looming over us all, we will also undoubtedly be spending more time at home next year as we strive to pinch every penny. 

But there’s no reason that shouldn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves.  With that in mind, here are some fun upgrade examples that can turn your garden into a magical place to spend hours enjoy-ing yourself next spring and summer.

Make minor repairs 

It’s not fun and sexy, granted, but if your garden has been left alone for long periods over the last few years it might have grown into a state of disrepair. Thankfully, garden repairs are quite simple and cost-effective. You should even be able to take care of them yourself. So, before you reach for the local handyman, get hold of a few tins of paint and give your fences a fresh coat. And before calling the tree surgeon, see what you can achieve with a hedge trimmer and a spare afternoon.

Redesign your flower beds

Flower beds are for your garden what frames are for photographs. They highlight what makes your garden so inviting and allow you to experiment with different colours and textures in a (literally) organic way. Spend some time planning your flower beds and designing your garden, thinking what should go where and what colours and designs are going to sit well together. Winter might not be the best time to plant flowers but it’s definitely the best time to prepare them.

Get a hot tub

There are few joys in this world as profound as sitting outside on a cold winter night in your very own hot tub with the warmth of the water and the freshness of the air providing an invigorating sensation. Hot tubs don’t have the be too expensive either as there are plenty of inflatable options on the market that will do the trick. Do be warned, however, that you’ll need to top it up regularly with pool chlorine granules to keep the water clean and it might take a hit on your energy bills.

Build a summer house

If there’s a decent amount of space in your garden that you’re simply not using, you might want to consider building a summer house and using it as an outdoor office or leisure space. Summer houses are affordable extensions that can be built DIY and could also represent a project to keep you busy over the coming weekends.

Build a fire pit

Sitting around a fire pit on a summer night with a few bottles of wine and some good friends is always going to be better than a night down at the local pub. Trust us. Fire pits also come in all shapes and sizes so whatever your desire or budget, you should be able to bring that special festi-val atmosphere to your back garden with minimal fuss.