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What is the cost of gardening?

Many Brits take pride and joy in keeping their garden looking its best — but it can be costly! It’s estimated that over the course of a gardener’s lifetime, they’ll spend £30,000 on tending to their garden.

Choosing a water filter? Ask yourself these questions

Everyone seems to be buying water filters these days. The business is booming, and when you consider the reasons, you can understand why.

How to make a barbecue pit in your garden

Summer’s nearly here and it’s time to start making the most of the nice weather with some al fresco dining. But why not put a twist on the standard barbecue by creating a barbecue pit?

Your guide to fire retardant paint

Your guide to fire retardant paint

Fire retardant paint, also called intumescent paint, is a passive form of fire protection that surprisingly few people are aware of but is increasingly being used in a variety of settings and in different industries.

Six ways your outdoor space can deter thieves and secure your home

Keeping your home secure is a must for any homeowner or tenant. Burglars are getting craftier than ever, so it’s up to you to make sure that your home is locked and secure at all times with enough deterrents to send away thieves.

Why do listed buildings need specialist insurance?

Are you thinking about purchasing a listed building property? There are so many wonderful benefits to buying this type of home such as the beautiful architecture and history that comes along with it.

Adding structure to your garden

Adding structure to your garden

It’s cold and definitely not sunny so you probably aren’t spending much time in your garden at the moment! However, this time of year is perfect for you to take stock of your outside space and plan improvements.

How to get planning permission on your first attempt

There are instances when planning permission is not needed, for example, if you want to build a new garage on the site of a previous garage or you want to add a small porch to the rear of your home.

Savvy storage ideas to keep your bedroom clutter free

The secret to a clutter-free bedroom is good storage. As the saying goes, a happy, harmonious bedroom is all about having a place for everything and everything in its place.

Encourage your children to get involved in the garden

Despite popular belief that it is a relaxing activity for the older generation, gardening is in fact exciting for all of the family.

You'll always find them in the kitchen at viewings: Room named ultimate first impression

You'll always find them in the kitchen at viewings: Room named ultimate first impression

The kitchen is the most important room in the house when it comes to a first impression according to a new study.

Homeowners are dreaming of a white Christmas

Homeowners are dreaming of a white Christmas

Discerning homeowners are not only dreaming of a white Christmas, but are also in a real rush to increase the likelihood of having one.

Brits admit to fly-tipping and dumping Christmas waste on neighbours

The average British adult will fill two bin bags of waste this Christmas Day, the equivalent of 109 million bin bags, according to new research from Clearabee, the on-demand rubbish removal business.

A guide to selling your home at Christmas

There's a common myth that it's impossible to sell your home over Christmas. However, you may be surprised to learn that Christmas and the winter months can actually be a great time to sell your home.

How to build a storage building on your property

Storage buildings may let you move enough stuff out of the garage so that you can park your cars in there again. However, there’s more to the process than picking a building out of a catalogue or from a website and it magically appearing in your garden.