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UK's Self-Storage Industry Sees Huge Boom Amid Housing Crisis

2nd April 2024 Print

The UK's self-storage industry is witnessing a huge surge, nearing the significant milestone of £1 billion in annual revenue, as revealed by statistics in The Guardian

This growth comes at a time when many UK residents face the increasing costs of moving or upsizing homes within a persistent housing crisis. 

With the average moving cost in the UK standing at a substantial £12,000, the appeal of self-storage as a cost-effective alternative has never been clearer.

Industry Growth Statistics

In a display of resilience and growth, the self-storage sector reported a 6.5% increase in revenue in 2022, totaling £990 million. 

The demand for additional storage space has seen households and businesses across the UK occupy over 2 million sq ft of storage, highlighting the critical role of self-storage in today's society. 

This trend is set to continue, with plans to introduce over 280 new storage facilities by 2026, indicating a growth of more than 10%.

Driving Factors Behind the Boom

Several key factors contribute to the demand for self-storage solutions. 

High housing costs and less residential spaces mean many have to seek alternative storage options. 

More students living away from home also mean student storage solutions are becoming increasingly popular.

Cost-Effective Moving Tips

To help people and businesses navigate the challenges of moving and storage, self-storage company The Box Co. offers the following tips for a more cost-effective move, as seen in their guide ‘5 Tips for Moving House On A Budget

- Declutter Before You Pack: Lighten your load and reduce costs by selling, donating, or recycling unwanted items.

- Compare Self-Storage Options: Seek out the best deals, balancing the convenience of location against the overall cost.

- DIY Packing and Moving: Engage friends and family to help with packing and moving, saving on professional fees.

- Off-Peak Moving: Schedule your move during quieter times to take advantage of lower rates.

- Seek Out Free Packing Materials: Many stores, offices, and community groups offer boxes and packing materials at no cost. Leverage these and other home materials to reduce your spends.

The Future of Self-Storage in the UK

As the self-storage industry continues to expand, it shows the needs of the UK population and reflects the wider housing crisis. 

With the industry on the cusp of reaching a £1 billion annual revenue, the future looks promising for both consumers and providers of self-storage solutions.