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Get a jump on spring maintenance early this year

Get a jump on spring maintenance early this year

Transitional weather can do a number on houses. With spring comes higher rainfall and flood risks and getting your home ready ahead of time can help you prevent expensive damage.

How to keep your home smelling fresh when you have pets

We understand that your pet is part of the family and you love them regardless of the way they smell – even if they have you reaching for a clothes peg every now and again.

5 swift upgrades of your home decor

5 swift upgrades of your home decor

If you have been living in a single apartment or a house for a couple of years now, you might be getting the urge for some quick upgrades to your home decor. When it comes to the interior design of your home, it can be nice to renew and revamp things.

Flooring ideas for each room of your new house

Flooring ideas for each room of your new house

Much like how something as simple as color affects the atmosphere of the room, the flooring of the house also affects how one perceives space. Hence, it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Tips to consider when renovating your home

Anybody who owns their own home knows that remodeling and home improvement is a wise investment. Remodeling makes your home look new again and increases its current and resale value. The problem can be, however, what improvements should you make. It can be a bit overwhelming if you overthink it.

The hidden costs of owning your own home

Home ownership can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you have the freedom that comes with making upgrades and changes – since the property is your property.

Tips for selecting the best essential oil diffuser

There are hundreds of types and styles of essential oil diffusers available on the market today. Because of all the options, it is possible to find diffusers ranging from $10 to $100 or more.

5 things to consider for your ideal house plan

Many individuals need to possess their own homes and feel more free. Claiming a house has been a long-term idea in a great deal of societies, with many individuals adding it to the rundown of their monetary can list.

4 reasons why you’ll love those new residential windows

Now that you’ve taken the plunge and decided to invest in Edmonton replacement windows for the home, get ready to enjoy some great things. While you may suspect some of what is to come, that’s different from actually experiencing those benefits.

Apartment buildings move to contactless visitor management

Evolving security needs have seen doormen and front desk concierge replaced by modern technology. Furthermore, health concerns such as COVID-19 have reiterated the need for a safe and hygienic residential environment.

4 reasons to call the pros for your roof repair

4 reasons to call the pros for your roof repair

In just a few months, the crisp air of fall will give way to the harsh winds of winter. While you are enjoying Halloween and pumpkin spice latte, you should not forget about inspecting your roof for damage.

How to give your home a brand new look without spending fortunes

Whether you’re ready to sell your property or you just want to freshen up the look of your home, it’s important to remember that not all interior design projects have to cost the earth.

Small renovations that have a big impact

Renovating a home doesn’t just make it more pleasant for the occupiers; it can also have a significant impact on the value of the property.

How to style your student home on a budget

Living in a student house doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy stylish surroundings. And while you can’t always guarantee that your housemates will do their fair share of the cleaning, you can create a relaxing and beautiful home for very little cash.

Easiest ways to live minimalist lifestyle

A minimalist lifestyle is not the one in which you will start using a smaller number of things that you need. It is about cutting down those that are unnecessary for you, and your home.