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Top tips for a budget home renovation

1st February 2024 Print

For many homeowners, the prospect of a renovation project opens up endless possibilities. It allows you to tap into the potential of your property, put your own personal stamp on the place and all being well, help to improve its value. 

If you’re stuck for ideas on where to start, keep reading.

What to consider when planning a home improvement project

Perhaps most importantly, it’s worth considering how you’re likely to use your home in the future. For example, you might plan to expand your family or there might be a possibility that you’ll need to work from home more regularly. Either way, it’s worth assessing how you can get the most out of your space to accommodate potential uses. You might want to make sure that there are plug sockets in a convenient spot or ensure that you can fit a double bed into a particular room.

Keep in mind whether your project will add value to the property too. Some people go all out with a wackier vision but dismiss the more practical elements that could make a house more appealing when it comes to selling. Don’t compromise your vision, but don’t forget functionality in the process. 

If you plan to do your home improvement projects yourself then ensuring you have the correct equipment is key, whether that’s plasterboard to help smooth out surfaces in your home or a good quality drill.

You’ll also need to check whether you need planning permission, although you may be pleasantly surprised, as some smaller projects don’t need this. Generally, you’ll need it if you want to build something new or make a major change to your building, which would include building an extension. To apply, you simply contact your LPA through your local council.

Ideas to revamp and renovate your home

When it comes to budget renovations, there are a few things you could consider.

You’d be surprised by the difference that a front door makeover can make. Replacing the door can be costly depending on the type you go for, so make sure you assess the right option for you. A lick of exterior paint can do wonders though and won’t cost an arm and a leg.

If you’re lucky enough to have a period fireplace in your property, whether functioning or not, you can give it a refresh by updating it using wood or tiling. Want to improve storage space in your home? Shelves can make a huge difference, allowing you to flex your interior design skills with objects to place on them. You can build shelves to fill nooks and crannies around your home or opt for floating shelves. 

Soft furnishings can be a staple in certain rooms, such as the living room or bedrooms. Replacing things like cushion covers curtains or blankets can help you refresh a theme or color scheme with ease. Some might go one step further by upholstering sofas or armchairs. Haberdasheries can be great for sourcing unique material and second-hand selling platforms may also pleasantly surprise you.

In the kitchen, you could look into replacing your worktops, taps, splashbacks and more for a ‘quick win’ to refresh the space. Other examples across the home include a new stair runner, replacing internal doors or investing in new rugs if you can’t face replacing the carpet or flooring.