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Preparing the New Year’s Clear-Out: How Much for a Skip?

Whether you’re finishing up your housing projects for 2019, or you’re taking “New Year, new me” to another height with a new look home in 2020, a good clear out can be very therapeutic.

5 smart upgrades you need to make to your home

It seems that the “smart” moniker is being added to just about everything these days. We’ve had smartphones for over a decade now, smart fridges are catching on, and even though the Smart car is a brand, cars themselves are becoming smarter and more efficient with each passing year.

How do countries implement climate control to deal with their weather conditions?

For most people living in warmer countries, life without air conditioning would be a struggle. After experiencing the discomfort brought on by summer heatwaves in Europe, we can appreciate the convenience of smart climate control in the UK.

Is self-storage a cost-effective option?

Trying to decide whether or not self-storage could be an option for you and your family can be difficult. Some people consider it to be a completely viable option which gives you much more flexibility whilst others think that it is just throwing money away.

Home Safety: 5 important aspects that a homeowner should pay attention to

The safety of a home is one of those things that you never realise is lacking, unless something goes wrong and it’s already too late.

Great ways to cut down on your household waste!

With money getting tighter all the time, and recycling concerns always growing, more and more households are taking the time to really try and cut down on the amount of waste that they produce.

Top 5 tips for maintaining your windows and improving their lifespan

Top 5 tips for maintaining your windows and improving their lifespan

While modern double glazing comes with the advantage of low-maintenance features, it's important that you do not neglect your aluminium and uPVC windows, as this will help to extend their lifespan.

Key steps for building a veranda

You wish to extend your house by building a veranda? This is a beautiful – and complex - project that should be taken seriously; it is the extension of your actual house.

Breathable materials for construction

Construction is an industry full of variables, and managing those variables is often the biggest challenge facing contractors and crews working hard against tight and aggressive deadlines.

5 tips for decorating on a budget

We could all do with giving our homes a bit of a makeover now and then. Sometimes, even a small change in our surroundings can make quite a big difference to our overall attitude and outlook.

How to make your home more marketable before giving it to an estate agent to sell

When you’re thinking about putting your home up for sale with an estate agent, it’s not something you should jump right into. When they initially come to view the property, they will form their first impression, which is then hard to change later.

The easiest home improvement hacks you can achieve before the New Year

If you’ve had an exceptionally busy life in recent times, the state of your home may have dipped down in quality. That’s okay, as this is where home improvement can help!

Three trade secrets you didn't know plumbers could do

Three trade secrets you didn't know plumbers could do

Everybody thinks they know what plumbers do. You call them when your pipes are leaking or if your boiler is misfiring or you have problems with anything to do with water in your home or business.

How to get planning permission on your first attempt

There are instances when planning permission is not needed, for example, if you want to build a new garage on the site of a previous garage or you want to add a small porch to the rear of your home.

Brits admit to fly-tipping and dumping Christmas waste on neighbours

The average British adult will fill two bin bags of waste this Christmas Day, the equivalent of 109 million bin bags, according to new research from Clearabee, the on-demand rubbish removal business.