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Are you disorganised? Here are some organisation tips just for you!

21st September 2021 Print

You would be surprised just small habits that you begin everyday that will help you to stay and keep organised. Here are some tips to help you to stay organised!

Listen to us...MAKE YOUR BED!!!!

It is such a small task but trust will feel so much better once you begin to make your bed every morning once you are ready to get up and start your day.  It will make you feel much tidier as it brings your room together and trust us you will feel so much more positive and it also only takes 3 minutes out of your day.

Tidy your living space!

Another tidying one..we know BUT you need to trust us. Keep your living space tidy and you will feel 100% better. The best feeling is waking up to a tidy space; you will automatically feel organised and motivated. 

An old tip but a great one! Create a to-do list everyday!!

Creating a to-do list every morning will help to keep you organised.  And you will get such a great satisfied feeling once you’ve completed this to-do list by the end of the day. Creating a to-do list will help you to keep your priorities straight. 

Create deadlines for yourself and stick to them!

Make small deadlines and goals for yourself throughout the day and make sure you stick to them. Not only will you feel more organised, you will also feel a sense of achievement once you meet these deadlines. 

Do not procrastinate! 

This is so much easier said than done and we are all guilty of it. If you get your work done as soon as you get given it, it will take the pressure of your shoulders and you will be grateful for it later on. 

Try and avoid multitasking!

I know we all like to bribe and claim that we are great multi-taskers but to get as much work done as possible it is best to take one task at a time, this will help you to get things done faster and quicker as all of our energy, time and concentration into one task. 

Create time blocks!

For all of your tasks create a time limit. This will help you to create small deadlines and will actually help you to achieve more. Use a timer or an alarm to help with these time blocks. 

Declutter regularly!

When you can, declutter your living space. You may not want to get rid of certain things that you own but you no longer have the space for them the we suggest that you rent out a storage unit! Storage units are cheap and reasonable and it means you don’t have to throw as much away. If you are based in and around Manchester then consider storing with us here at Storage Manchester. At Storage Manchester we offer 50% off your first 10 weeks storing with us. It is an offer you can’t refuse. If you are interested then visit our website here:  Storage Manchester | BIG SAVINGS | 50% Off 1st 10 Weeks.