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Why You Can Cut Corners in Your Home

30th July 2023 Print

It’s natural to feel pressure in society to have it all: the perfect job, relationship, kids, home, car, holidays and wardrobe. As much as we know that these things aren’t all achievable to the average person, the images we are bombarded with on social media often leave many of us feeling inadequate. 

While we do not discourage you from striving to achieve in every area of your life that you wish to improve upon, we also recognise that it’s no good to force endless pressure on ourselves to achieve the impossible.  

Also, we strongly believe in taking any and all available shortcuts. Remember - work smarter, not harder! We’ve come up with a list of sneaky shortcuts you can take in your home, so you can achieve the Instagram aesthetic without the hassle. 

Colour Organise Everything

Ok, this is a big starting task but it pays dividends in time saved long-term. When it comes to organising your stuff, alphabetising is kept in the same past where CDs belong. Do everything by colour. Books, spices, DVDs, toys, mugs, plates, everything. 

When you have everything organised by colour it is super easy for your brain to pick something up and know exactly where it belongs. Compared with spending time working out where T comes in the alphabet and putting things carefully back in your place, you simply need to match up the colours. 

The bonus of this is the colour uniformity looks really pleasing to the eye and will bring a cohesive design element to your home. 

Is This Even Real Grass?

Nope. If you want a perfect lawn year-round that requires no mowing or seeding; get one made in a factory, not grown from the ground. Artificial grass is the ultimate life hack for those that want a spotless garden but hate gardening. 

Another bonus of a fake lawn is that you won’t come treading mud all over the house after a day in the garden, saving even more cleaning time! 

Cupboard it Up

If you want to look organised on the outside but have no capacity to deal with clutter, then get cupboards everywhere. Clutter and mess pollute living spaces, and we often find ourselves with more stuff than we know what to do with. Clutter and mess behind cupboard doors, however, is not an eye sore and can wait until you get time. Which you will do. Any day now. 

Another benefit of relegating all of your mess to behind closed doors is that it splits up the work of eventually organising those cupboards. On a rainy day when your mind won’t rest, simply pick a cupboard and get one organised. 

Long Live the Service Wash  

Dealing with your laundry in the laundrette is a massive time saver. Whether you go in and do it yourself, or drop it off and have it washed for you; hours can be saved by making a short trip here once or twice weekly. 

While visiting the laundrette will likely cost more than washing at home, the premium washing machines are much faster and provide much better results. You’ll also be able to dry all your laundry in their dryers, which leaves your home free of drying laundry and helps prevent damp. 

Be Houseproud, Not House Obsessed 

There is so much pressure to fit an ideal in this world. Don’t stress! Focus on what you want from your house and how to achieve your goals, not the unimaginable world of social media. Homes are for living in, not for showing off. Make your space something you're proud of and let that be enough.