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Top 5 garden improvements

20th December 2021 Print

With most people spending most times at home since the covid-19 pandemic many of us have invested time and money into our gardens, optimising our garden spaces to create works of art so that we can spend all summer long outside, entertaining guests and enjoying the warm weather. Whether you have a small or larger garden there are always ways to improve this space to make the most of the outdoors. Within this article we discuss 5 garden design ideas to help you along on your creative journey and give you that inspiration such as furniture, lighting, grass and more, all which boost your properties value too!


The most natural way to enhance your garden is to plant or grow a tree, with many uses such as a form of shade in the summer, a hammock or even to hang pretty lights and decorations off. Also, they provide many benefits to the nature around us for example provide pollen for insects and provide a nesting opportunity for birds, giving you the perfect opportunity to build bird boxes to add to the aesthetic. Trees also provide structure to the garden and come in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs and some even grow flowers such as the hawthorn tree which blooms in the month of may, growing berries which are known to benefit the heart and lower blood pressure. 

Artificial grass

Is the grass greener on the other side? It most definitely is when an artificial grass supplier is involved, brightening up your garden and eliminating the dull and darker patches and making the smaller gardens feel bigger. Artificial grass is a great choice to open your garden and can allow for easier maintenance and tidiness, no mowing stress. Also, if your garden is family orientated this is the perfect solution to keep your children safe, cushioning them from falls and avoids muddy, messy children running in and out of the house which is a big bonus.


Most gardens have paving and is the base to build the rest of the garden upon, you should choose wisely as this can provide the direction in which the design you will follow for the rest of the garden, from either a modern stone or to more of a traditional stone. You can also coordinate your plants and furniture with the paving so its important you stick to a colour which will compliment the rest of your garden, for example grey or white stone looks great with purple and white blooms.


The furniture you have in your garden will determine where you will enjoy your outdoor space with either your friends or family. For smaller gardens you tend to see folding furniture or those which can be easily hidden away when not needed to maximise the rest of the space. However, for larger gardens you can afford to have full dining sets and sofas ect still leaving you with plenty of room. Also it is very important to keep in mind where you place this furniture, ideally you want this area to enjoy the evening sun and maybe put your sun loungers in an area where it has the sun during the day. There are many accessories to pair with these outdoor seating areas such as heaters, BBQs, everything you need for an evening meal outdoors.

For a furniture idea on a budget, create an outdoor cinema using materials at home. Transform your outdoor area to a movie night room using bed sheets, pegs, decorations and of course some movie snacks. The only big outlay will be to buy the projector, but it will be worth every penny.

Lighting is key

Lighting in the garden sets the scene for a perfect cosy atmosphere. Good lightening ensures you can enjoy the outdoors when its dark out, perfect for the warm summer nights. Lights ranging from freestanding lamps, ground lights and fairly lights, whichever lights you choose they will bring extra character to your garden keeping the consistency of the aesthetic of the rest of the garden. Solar powered eco-friendly fairly lights are the most cost effective yet the most aesthetically pleasing set of lights, adding a cosy or romantic feel to the garden 

Overall, there are plenty of ideas to get your garden transformation underway whether you have a small or big garden and even if you are on a budget, set your creativity free and enjoy.