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Living for the weekend - Women are planning Saturday night by Wednesday

6th November 2012 Print
Night out

Eager and weekend-hungry ladies have begun planning their Saturday night out by Wednesday afternoon (1.35pm, to be exact), research has shown. The incredible amount of forethought, deliberation and discussion over which outfit, shoes and accessories to wear emerged amid a study of 2,000 women.

The precision planning is discussed over ten text messages, three emails, five phone calls, eight posts on Facebook and three tweets.

Alongside the group discussion, nearly two hours is spent online researching outfits, venues and even the weather, the poll by New Look found.

A whopping three quarters of females said they liaise with their friends prior to the night out to find out what they are planning to wear.

A spokesman for New Look, which commissioned the study after noticing a general uplift in sales of 'going out' clothes from Tuesday onwards, commented:

''It's only natural that young women look forward to their weekends and plan nights out with military precision.

''Working and studying hard all week can really take its toll so it's refreshing that young adults and females in particular are so enthusiastic about socialising with friends.

''Planning a big night out is part of the fun and we have noticed in stores that sales of party clothes start to climb from Tuesday onwards as girls start to plan their Friday and Saturday night outfits.''

The poll found nearly two thirds of women actually enjoy the getting ready part of a night out more than any other aspect.

60% said they love experimenting with fashion, two thirds said it was because you can chat better when getting ready and 7% of girls like to swap clothes with each other.

Of those polled, one in twenty will put in hair extensions, 20% of girls will add fake eyelashes and 6% will even go to the effort of whitening their teeth before a night on the tiles.

A glowing one in twenty girls will fake tan ahead of a big night out, while over half will straighten their hair.

Almost two thirds of those polled insist on having a new outfit for every night out,with the average cost rising to £49.49.

On the actual night, women start getting ready at 5.50pm and would dedicate two hours to preening and perfecting their look.

But it's no surprise it's a lengthy process, as the average woman tries on a least 3 different outfits before deciding which one to go with.

It's not until 8.23pm that girls actually head out, with the perfect number making up a girly night sitting at four.

A modern girls night out would not be complete without uploading pictures to social networking sites - the average female would post 8 photos of her having fun with friends.

Three quarters of girls claim to live for the weekend and admit to spending the week counting down the days until Friday evening arrives.

The spokesman continued: ''This research shows that the getting ready stage of a night out is equally as important and as much fun as hitting the town.

''Girls get chance to chat, experiment with clothes and make-up and help each other try different looks and generally do what girls love doing.

''High street fashion is so up to date with current trends and styles that females can experiment with different looks, update existing clothes or take on the very latest trends.''

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Night out